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The Thieves Banquet, Pt. 2

[Verse 1:Akala]
Towards the end of the feast the devil decided
He was so inspired, he couldn't be bothered with giving no prizes
In fact he said he would just retire
Cos he could see that what was required
To keep our children living in fire
Could be supplied by these thieves and these liars
Who had respectable titles
So he pronounced that he would bounce
Go back to hell as his house
Co-sign his work to these thieves like it was just an ounce
We know not what what was said
But still live with the effects
Of what was agreed by the greed
That night on the Banquet of thieves
The gist is this: The devil bestowed
All of the powers for ruling the globe
Only to those who would sell their soul
And take the devilish oath

[Hook : Thieves]
I solemnly swear to steal and kill
Not because i'm hungry for meals
But because my hundreds and millions
I wanna see turned into billions
I solemnly swear to make a place
Where women and children are raped every day
Where some eat ourselves to death
And others can't get a crumb on the plate

I solemnly swear to turn the globe
Into a living hell for most
And drug with death, anything left
That grows or has a pulse

[Verse 2: Akala]
The monarchs and dictators, religious leaders and the bankers
Had one more course before they could complete the Banquet
Screaming and panting, baby children were brought on plates
The end of their tantrums came
When they were stabbed in the heart with a stake
And chopped into pieces, served raw with the blood still warm
All the thieves gobbled down the children without a second thought
The devil explained; if ever they got to a place where they suffered pain
Or the slightest of shame, for killing a child
They should leave the game
Cos the noblest aim is to turn a child's flesh to flames
For the hollow concept called profit so known as personal gain
The devil explained, there is a god, death is his name
So treat this life as if it was nothing more than a monopoly game
So get to work
There's people to starve and people to slaughter
And also to torture, any rebellious son or daughter
If ever you fail, or find yourself getting to frail
An angry devil will be forced to return from the comfort of hell

(rand of applause)

All the thieves got up from their seats kand gave the devil applause
Bayby's blood dripping from their jaws, totally reddend the floor
With that the devil vanished
And left the thieves in the palace
The banker was the first to speak on how they could meet the challenge

Look my fellow thieves
As long as we unite on the scheme
We'll be living with dreams
There's never been a team this mean

[Religious leader]
Yes Spiritual death
Is what I provide at the devils request

[Monarchs of Empire]
Monarchs can make laws and the courts
That would serve and protect
Our interests and nothing else
Commoners can fuck themselves
Cos we all see, democracy will just fuck up our wealth

[Third world dictator]
That's where I can add some value
To this gathering of men
I can kill in broad daylight
I don't have to pretend
I can do the things that all you rich developed countries can't be seen to do in public
But we all know you love it

And we can pretend we're enemies, still at war with each other
Though we couldn't be further from the truth we are practically lovers

[Religious leader]
You're quite right mr Banker deception must be used
We'll hire prostitutes to spread our views
And call it news
Another set of prostitutes that call themselves artists
To say what we tell them to
Spineless Bastards

[Monarchs of empire]
Religious leader
Thou art a wonderful thief
The last thing that we do need before our schemes complete
Is a set of puppet politicians
That talk a lot
That the people think hold the power but they're really our dogs

Yes yes yes, yes oh fucking yes!
Let us drink to murder and theft
Until there's nothing left

The thieves took a toast of warm blood
And nearly drowned in laughter
The Bankers passed out a charter
That they had carefully drafted
For the international organisation
Of theft and murder

[Monarch of Empire]
If we could sign this in blood
It would be totally perfect!

That's what they did
They took the child's bleeding finger
To sign a commitment
To keep the human spirit a prisoner
That's how it's been since then
A cannibalistic system
Run by themes dressed in death
Blessed with the devils wisdom