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Against The Current( ATC )

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Against The Current( ATC )

Chasing Ghosts

We used to have a light
Now it's too dark to shine
Now we're just passing by
Two shipwrecks in the night

Remember when we met, yeah, I know I was mean
Stones shirt, black boots and black jeans
And you were such a mess
I thought it was sweet
But that night still haunts my dreams

I won't keep chasing ghosts
I need somebody I can hold
Gave you my heart and soul
Thought I was chasing love
I was only chasing a ghost

TV light, two bodies intertwined
I guess we tend to feel always so far away



Remember when you left, yeah, I thought I was weak
Stones shirt, black boots and everything
I let you fool me twice, shame on me
But that night still haunts my dreams


  1. Special thanks to P-B for correcting the lyric.

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