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Bliss N Eso

Headless Princess

One breath, as I sit and smell the flowers the berries the very furn
That will escreet this eroma as I sit at the ferry terminal
Look at the sky abouve my eye moved towards it I soaked up an image freeze frame the portrait
An instant turned into an ocean of eternity it's vincint
Filled with this emotion that is burning me
From what I saw before me needs no explanation
She just rivit in my lungs there was no exhaliation
So we crushed his heart into my frozen palm tearing mine my
Stitches had her rosen from her farm building spines
And I must confess that I am so impressed with the way she strides
And the way she sies and the way she glydes with thoes dreamers eyes
It's more than just a turn that lies between her thighs
And through these beer bottle flavours in my life
I see clear working neibour with my slice of bliss
The door enables that awaits with a grudge
Only two emerge after you have taken the plunge
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And I don't understand a serpant has a heart
While I'm just a man merchant with his cart
And all I wanna do is borrow a mear couple of fraizes
I admit this is the clear trouble with gauges to decode this combination
Shes the glitch in my system from chaos to what is simple
It's the hitch of incription it's the persuit of chase
It's the fun of the catch to find that beautiful face that lyes under the latch
When you unlock the mystery below under cover
You see that simple beauty and just getting to know one and other
It's like my motor she can just sound cool
But only a few fool will ever again look into those pupils
So I pluck my vocal cords so I can sing with this butterfly
But I can't utter my thoughts and they reverse to see it flutter by

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