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Bliss N Eso

Nowhere but Up

We Aint From Life In The Gutter, So They Dont Feel Our Stuff
What You Like To Be Stubborn? What We Aint Real Enough
Cuz We White From The Suburbs And We Write From A Brother's
Raw And Uncut Emotionblazin' A Mic In The Cupboard
You Motherfuckers Make Me Laugh With That Ridiculous Shit
Who Brings It Like Nick-Ity-Split, As Wicked At This?
See These Ballers See A White Boy, Star Kiddin' N Laugh
But Im Like Billy Hoyle Hustlin' Sidney For Cash
And You Just Talkin Loud, You An Imposter Clown
Where'd You Pick Your Style Up? The Fuckin' Lost And Found
Gosh It Sounds Like Youwashed It Down
And Sprinkled It With Sugar Just To Get Your Little Career Off The Ground

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