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Bliss N Eso

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Bliss N Eso

House of Dreams

[Verse 1:Eso]

Yeah, yo.
Every letter is love and every word's an oasis
Tryna' reach new heights like a bird in a spaceship
And you're damn right, we've been working the late shift
Tryna' see how far, on planet earth we can take this
This is poetry in motion, the mystery of why
Every motor is in motion and it's visually divine
On a roll like Timmy, and they're stuck in bad traffic
So when I rock it the bottom looks like Buckingham palace.
I feel fucking fantastic, a viking with the rhyme
That lightning in the sky mixed with Tyson in his prime
I tell it how it is and they got nothing to say
I tell the haters I love them, just to fuck with their brain
Duck, I'm insane, my flows like a swordfish
This is 100 percent, straight up uncut raw shit
I can't be bamboozle, that's faker than a dollar sign
Beat me in their dreams and they wake up and apologize
Non-believers, tryna' piss in my boots
Don't they know they'll have to fly just to fit in my shoes
Got the world in my palm and the feet on the dash
So let them bitch, 'n' wish I wasn't the reason they rapped
Shit, I'm tryna' write a song with insight
So look past the mask, there's diamonds on the inside
We're unplugged, and blessing you with magic
Our drifter's in the air but the question's can you catch it

[Hook x1]
It is love that can set you free
Watching the sun setting on the sea
And you can lift me above the highest mountain peak
And now I see, right from my balcony
Welcome to my house of dreams

[Verse 2: Bliss]

Kind of comic how a kid from DC would Marvel at his superheroes
Draining his Walkman battery juice to zero
A teen with a dream, and since the whole start I've
Been like Quentin plotting from the video archives
So I direct my film like Jack Sparrows' compass
Cut sick, shooting like a black barrel gunship.
Just like when the rain and thunder hits the planet
Dreamt once in the clouds now the mother-ship has landed
Goddammit spectacular, lock it up and load
With that flip of the tongue, hit of the drum, rock and fucking roll
I spark an idea ignited from my balls
Add it to the 99 bottles of lightning on my wall
In a boat of hope on an ocean where the shark lives
Spitting fireflies to paint my poems in the darkness
Connectivity is in my stare, shit, electricity is in the air
So throw your islands in the sky if you feel the vibe
Hip Hop is still alive every time we fly
When I find a line like a rope I can use it
To lift me out the sea of disposable music
But you can't touch my soul cause that dog shit smells
I wanna be taken away like a cosmic spell
So no need to show me the money of bomb? hit sales
Cause this song gives me the quan just like Rodd Tidwell and so
{Rod Tidwell movie excerpt} Just let me enjoy this for a minute

[Hook x2]