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Black Tape for a Blue Girl

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Black Tape for a Blue Girl

The Lie Which Refuses To Die (Dna Lounge - Live 2004)

they're tearing me up in the sun
they're melting me down in the sun
they're burning up in the heat
trying to convince everyone they're the same ones
filling their life with thoughts of me
choking out in the dust
they're choking on their words
there's no way i could invent people like this
they're laughing out in the sun
drawing the picture for you

i'm the one who made them this way
i'm the one who caused all of this to happen to them
i'm the one who's rightly to blame for everything
they ever wanted that has not come true
i'm the one that they curse when they fall asleep
the gremlin watching them when they try to sleep
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knowing i exist is their punishment
i'm the lie which refuses to die

my stench pollutes their minds and forbids their peace
i'm the stain that won't come out
the toilet backed up
the ticket on their car
the overdue bills
the bottle in their hands
the big black ugly bird that bites the heads off of their flowers
their flowers

they're draining their insanity on me
their insanity on me
insanity on me