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Black Knights

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Black Knights


Ahh, it's two minutes to nine, I'll get going

[Verse 1:Crisis]
Grinding like tectonic plates, 'causing earthquakes
We wild in the West, California's my birthplace
Pistols blow out your candle like your birthday
Better yet your deathday, we hungry and we thirsty
Long Beach city, committee approach with caution
Street fighter known as spit flames like Dhalsim
MC's think the competition looking like targets
My flow's outta this world, attack of the martians

[Verse 2: Rugged Monk]
I'm from where the sun sets, but not of the sunset
My space is Compton, I ain't talking the internet
I'm in a set backstreet of enemy's turf
For what it's worth, from the dirt up, niggas get returned
Toe tag, body bags, you still ain't learnt
DARPA spy planes, WASP MACH 3, Little Jerks
Flying through the sky, surveillance your clockwork
The killer is loose, doctor Killgrave got the paperwork

[Verse 3: Crisis]
Competitors transform in a prey and I'm the predator
You ain't got a chance, my flow advance, you just regular
I'm ten steps ahead of you, aiming for your jugular
So if they can't [?]with me, how the hell they gon' [?]with us
Black Knights, the Trickfinger, the musical genius
Beats hard like concrete plus the flow is aquafina
Bustling like [?]stwamina[?]
Raw says I'm awesome, leave Cypher [?]geletate[?]caution
MC's in coffins

[Verse 4: Rugged Monk]
Inhale a THC, while I'm sippin' Thelonious
Mr. Barmitzfah, have days where I'm the loneliest
'The heart's a lonely hunter,' that's not a cliché
D.O.A. the first 48, make a great escape
A slight case of murder, it was 1938
Headquarters had the scoop on Victor/Victoria
Murder on a honeymoon
L.A. Times editorial
(**Breaking News**)
You've been hoodwinked
Wag the dog
They foolin' ya

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your captain
Somehow, some way, in some manner
This aircraft has gone back into time and it's 1939
We're going to try to increase our speed and go back through the same [?]we've already done twice before (Yo!)
I don't know if we can do it (You can do anything!)
All I ask of you is that you remain calm (I give love!) and pray (You will thrive!)

Yeah, it's the Medieval Chamber (the Medieval Chamber)
Knights at the round table introduction
For ya'll MC's it's ya'll destruction (for MC's it's ya'll destruction)
Steady accumulating it every day (we're accumulating it every day)
Why y'all steady chasing it like Wiley Coyote looking for that Roadrunner (why y'all steady chasing it like Wiley Coyote, every episode looking for that Roadrunner)
Knights or nothing (we got them guns)
You know how it goes down (soldies, universal builders)
It's the black holes (the stolen legacy)
Stolen legacy (the black holes)
Lost Tribe of Cut Throats (Dark ages)
KNIGHTS OR NOTHIN(Knights or nothing)