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Look homeboy you don't want no problem with me
You better look the other way homie and me let me be
You better walk away from this one or you will see
I'm not your farindly nieghbour

Verse 1

If you got a problem wit me you better straight that shit
I go right the source i don't wait that xxxx out
I go right to the root of the problem
I 38 revolve em i don't ask question i just solve them
If uyou got a problem with me
You better tell me in adaved
Cause i'll really i make a move
I don't really take a chance
I guess it's me or one of my xxxxxxx chartaristic
I don't hesistate for nothing
Same day and upload the biscuts
Look anyone tell you c.james aint fronting
Let em tell you somthing
Don't push my buttons
If you know me
Then you know i ususally don't say much
The uzi or the mack
Does the talking
I just stay hush
If you got something to say say it to my face now
That leave on less chance that i'll leave ya face down
And you know my sound is that westcoast ryding
I'll sift through ya hood and find out where your xxx hidging

Hook 1x

Verse 2

They usually say that c. james laid back i quite
He wont start xxxx but go ahead and try it
Learn the hard motherfuckeer go ahead and learn the hard way
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Get ya body part spread from here to the bay
Cause i'll make it happen mother fucker i make it happen really fast
N before you know it you whole xxxxxxx team laying on they xxxxxxx back back
Look mf you don't wanna problem wit me now
Broad daylight i'll give a mf a beat down
I actually make xxxxxxx time for this shit
Cause revenge so sweet when you feel they deserve it
And you i know you don't know xxxx about me
All you know about me is what you see
And you don't know what go on behind close doors
I'll cut up a motherfucking and that's fo sho
I'm composed got the same attinute as a mobb boss
The time you figure me out homeboy already loss

Hook 1x

Verse 3

Don't think i wont do xxxx cause you see me on probation
I'm still putting in work i aint taking a vaction
I'm out here grinding just cutting these tracks
You find me loading the up mac and pumping these packs
I might give you the oppurtunity to run you better take that
I hold a grudge so long you better go
Cause i might snap
Now rappers wanna claim they run the mia
They next day they turning out to being the cia
Now everyone wanna rap cause i make this xxxx sound easy
C.james i'll minus these lil weezys
I'm not one you wnna xxxx with
I'm not one you wnna mess with
I'll put the mother xxxxxxx piece right to ya chest quick
This aint the end home boy it's just the beging
And it's clear to see from now who the fucks winning
I'm just getting started i aint finished
Ima keep going at crew
Till you crews dismissminied

Hook 2x

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