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Don Tiki

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Don Tiki


Angelita was from heaven sent, a merchant seaman's dream
Her lips perhaps a bit too big, her skin like Bailey's Cream
She never liked to go out, she'd cook the whole night long
She'd fix me longanisa, and the pork dinuguan

She had a sister Lourdes, who cooked for me one night
When Angelita caught us, was like a chicken fight
Now since my angel left me, I'm so hungry and upset
I miss her sweet romancing, and the the thing she made the best

(Benny's searching, Benny's searching) for that perfect pinakbet
(Benny's searching, Benny's searching) but I haven't found it yet
And I'm tasting many places for that perfect pinakbet
Boompa doompa doompa dum, boompa dum bum

Estrallita's big on eggplant, Loli's pumpkin parts so small,
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And Consuella in the hotel didn't understand at all
Lisa makes a pretty dish, but the bittermelon's strong
And Marcella gives goo portions, but you taste too much bagoong

There's a spot to eat on River Street, kinda funky I suppose
But face the fact, you brave the thorn if you like pick the rose
I asked a nurse in the clinic, while she straightened up my bed,
If she like make pinakbet for me -- I remember what she said:

'Masarap ang luto kong pinakbet, pero kasal na ako'
(I'd love to make pinakbet for you, but I'm already married)

Fortunato told me how
He said, 'You just kau kau da buggah'