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Fade Us

This to all yall fuck ass niggas that love to run yall fucking mouth so yall pay a fucking tention to the words of the song bitch.

It's ya boy D.rob so ya know i'm gone ball,and I aint let no motherfucker
alive make me fall.Cause for two years
straight Pahokee been doing there thing,
banging heads,droping sweat,and
bringing back state rings.And no this is not just a game,bitch we in this fame,Pahokee Blue Devils bitch remember
that name.Cause it's D.rob bitch and
i'm tring to make it,hell nall I aint faken,cause when I get the ball its about shiking and braking, and if yall
let me brake awwwwwwwww shit man it's over I fly through these wholes like a fucking LandRover.

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Yall niggas need to stop haten,
cause everyboby know D.rob's gone
make it,fro all yall mother fucking haters,stop the bullshit cause yall can't fade us.(4x)

In this verse here ima dis all yall bitches, from the shit click to my causens and them bitches that gave me stitches.yeah yall got me,yeah yall beat me,yaeh yall motherfuckers busted
my lip, fuckud up my jaw where all I an do was sip.But guess what bitch i'm
well now,that means one of you bitches have to go in the ground.Cause I will
walk up gun ya down spit on you and laugh,And kill you fucking momma if she get in my fucking path bitch.