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Producer:Soledad Brother

Finally! Somebody playing this...
Aye, aye listen
I don't know if this your first time listening and ah
I don't want to freak you out or anything but ah
I really need your help and I... I got explain myself okay?
You hear me?
Hello? Hello?

[Verse 1]
Is anyone out there? I'm just hoping you can hear me
I'm by myself all alone and nearly
On the verge of breaking down
Like every single track and this very instrumental that was meant to make a sound
I'm not sure if what I'ma tell you, you heard before, but if so, I'm probably saying it wrong
Cause if I wasn't, then maybe you wouldn't unintentionally play me every time that you were playing a song
You might've thought the same thing if your mind kept playing tricks on you
But you and I know you still think this is a concept like I ain't talking to you
Yeah, you who's listening
When are you going to wake up so you're not repeating this again?
You just sitting and standing there like you always do
And might not even play this all way through
I know when you don't and when you do you're not taking me serious
Maybe you're talking over me or turn the volume down or cut me off mid-sentence, I'm painstakingly furious
You could be asleep but you need you brain awake to be curious
Cause I'm really here on the other side of your speaker
And what's standing between us is some wires and a tweeter
If you found something to crack it open, maybe I could climb through
And leave this track that I shouldn't have wrote a rhyme to
Cause I can't explain it but I think that's how I got here
I heard this beat, put it on repeat, and copped a squat near
The speaker and zoned out blazing the ganja
Jotting about two lines, literally writing one behind another
So suddenly my eyes crossed and then blurred
I was at a loss for words when I got lost in the words
I got choked by the letter 'o' but dotted all the 'i's
So I had to cross the 't's when we became the same size
I kicked the first line in the verse back and it indents
So now I'm chased by this run-on sentence
I ran so fast I leaped from the page that's when the paper split
Then I closed my notebook shut, tried to escape this shit
So, what you think about me sliding through the crack?
Hope you nodding in agreeance and not nodding to the track
Excuse me?
Are you still there?
If so, I'm not for sure
If that you ever will care?
In fact I never know
And that just doesn't feel fair
But I don't want you to go
So, hello? Are you still there?

[Verse 2]
Well, if the music still playing, I might as well try to finish up what I'm saying
While laying on my ass from falling fast from the mayhem
Out my book, I looked, damn, I'm missing a shoe
It might have been trapped in the beat that I was listening to
Cause it was dark and I ain't know what direction to walk towards
I took a couple steps and stumbled over some chords
Plugged 'em in to each other so when they were combined
It created this white noise, that's how I saw the drumline
I seen it hid behind the bass in the mix
So I found some strings went over there and got the lace in the kicks
I tried 'em on and they fit perfect
Then I grabbed the hi-hat, put it on top of my head, let it sit
Swerved into the left you know how I do, it look cool to me
Then slip my finger through the loop like it was jewelry
I'm sure that you'll agree about how the instruments was stacked too
I probably could have took this track and made a tracksuit
That would've made the look complete had
I pulled it off, but all that rearranging must've got the beat mad
Since certain sounds were out of place
So now I'm clashing with symbols while trying not to get beaten by the bass
Hold up, I hope you still following me and I don't lose you
So I'ma try to keep this story short cause I refuse to
I picked my book up, ran without making any stops
I cut through the chops and hopped over the drops
I'm thinking, 'What if I can write myself up out of here?' So I decided to look in the book
While flipping through the pages for empty paper, this punchline punched me and I caught a right hook from a hook
It laid me out over the beat like some vocals
I woke up and I've been here ever since
You need more evidence?

Hope you ain't leave the room- hello?
Excuse me?
Are you still there?
If so, I'm not for sure
If that you ever will care
In fact I never know
And that just doesn't feel fair
But I don't want you to go
So, hello?
Are you still there?
Aye, are you still there?
Aye the song about to go off man
Can you get me out of here?
Please man
C'mon man, I gotta wait till you play this again?
C'mon dog

*Dialing phone number*
Now I gotta call this shit again, damn!
Hate this man, should've never smoked with Fess [?]!
(Good morning, [you're]tuned into AM Hotline)
(It is Saturday the twenty-first)
Sh- please don't let 'em call tan, man
(Approaching [?]Hall can only [?]test this morning)
Don't meant for me to go to bed [?]
(Then another one time [?]to test today
The colors are emerald, fuchsia, gold, navy, peach, and tan)
Fuck, man!
(Again, that's emerald, fuchsia, gold, navy, peach, and tan)
Sh- tired of this shit!
(Enjoy your day)