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G.Q.( GQ )


Cloudy days are reality
Sunny days are sitcoms
Cloudy days are reality
And sunny days are sitcoms
It only gets better from here.
I know.

Lord bless me with another day
That's why I get up.
Try and work it out but shit it's hard for me to sit up.
Girl hit me I ain't pick up, we gonna talk later.
Another story with some lost pages.
Lose sleep like it's Las Vegas
Not a bit early.
They don't see me they feel me, Big Shirley.
Hm, Now I'm in a zone can't shoot me out it.
Why I feel alone when the room is crowded?
Back when picking friends was a hard task
Praying and wishing I had what the stars had.
Bad memories, light them up, burn them down.
Dreams switch more than Hakeem with a turn around.
I'm on the team but they don't know it, Rudy Fame.
A few dots my, my circle smaller than coodie games.
Partly cloudy, I ring shit.
He outty Oakland, California Represent it proudly.
Liars, like how he just create the truth like Geppetto.
My mind is a cave and the booth is my echo.
Smooth as a flute with a chello, Hello.
Going for the green I ain't slowing for the yellow.
I'm up there, I don't think Manute's on my level
Fully equipped I don't think your coupes on my level.
I will poop on your level.
I'm talking so high I gotta sky dive nigga
Just to stoop to your level
Commute through the treble, no trouble.
Would try to explain the pain but shit the rain leave puddles.
Bad when you struggle as a free man see man.
A lot of niggas tried fell short like weeman
And for my nigga Sid, See I told you how i be anddd.
Going bananas like I'm swingin on a tree branch.
Hard trying to see what don't exist
Just making up for everything I missed and cause of this
I made a promise to myself, get right before the light come.
Might run to it if it's bright enough, folk cut out.
Don't mean nothing to me I knife them up.
Air flights not for me to hype them up
Dominoes line them up Until I,
No longer can breath and my eyes are shut.
See I love it for the fact that they ain't like it much.
What's not for them is life to us.
With only one, That's why I care about it twice as much.
Long days, eyes blood shot, Ruby frames.
It's been a year since you hit me up Julie James.
Linebacker for luck, I got a right to rush.
I love a woman with class that still spike a punch.
Up in an Autumn piece, cool when I spark the leaf.
Niggas run & gun play as smart as Keith.
Remote flicking looking for entertainment.
Pulp fiction, juicing it for arrangements.
I'm in love with it, see who I'm engaged with.
Wake them up and put them to sleep like, where the days went?
Went days saying my days will turn to them days
And them days done turned to Wednesday.
Tomorrows finally here.
Finally clear to me this blurred vision ain't scaring me
Comparing me and what I see to bird vision, parakeet.
It's like they daring me to succeed.
Money, clothes and sunflower hoes that like to suck seeds.
Fuck needs.
I need what I want and what I want is what I strive for.
Foot away like 5'4''
Fuck I gotta lie for, I'm here.
But I ride slow, higher than my pride go.
See I know a lot of shit, shit that only I know.
For those just tuning in welcome to my show
I'm not your average guy, Joe
I'm heartfelt like Kadeem Hardison, falling off a rim.
You don't always have to write what's right to hold a pen.
And So the sin snowballs into the coffee
But if the magic ain't hot, it's no Frosty.
Fought me for being submitted like good art
Could have ended up bad from having a good start.
Could have parted like seas but please,
I'd rather lead my people through rough streams
I too, be a canoe, who knew
Or could imagine my pattern as are now.
Just play and keep faith on my side like argyle
Stars now shine brighter than fire under a pot.
Though I still can't seem to cook from what I got.
Maybe my recipe is slightly off measurement
They talk shit but I ignore it like a peppermint.
Ready to roll but it's rocky as a sediment
Road that I know so well but yet have never went
In that direction, protection from the signs
Painting my life portrait trying to stay inside the line.
Then it go

Why the effort missing?
Do they hear it all?
Are they even listening?
Why the effort missing?
Do they hear it all?
I hope they was listening, listening.
Hope they was listening listening
Hope they was listening listening
Bright Lady Nights
And my niggas...