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Glass Hammer

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Glass Hammer

When We Were Young

Here I stand
And I'm waiting on something
Night has fallen on me
And the shadows flicker shapes of something
I don't want to see

All round, not a sound but my heartbeat
All alone, I should have known I am fated so
I wait for some certainty
I wait for eternity

Came the last night and the watch was his
Standing guard at the tomb of a fallen King
And he thought to himself as he cried
Oh no! Look what I've done!

Ever he thought that the spear was the way
So by its point he'd heap glory upon himself
Like the ancients of Greece and of Rome
Slaying dragons and kings

So he found that the spear would fly true
Straight to the side of the King of the Universe
Poor man, he knows what he's done

Came the last night and sorrow reigned as king
The kingdom of his heart
A weary broken heart

Angels descend in light
Came down to kill the night
And then with mighty voices
They shout love of their King

All Heaven rising now
All Heaven singing now
And so the very stars
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Give voice to the victory song

Death is defeated
Death is defeated
Death is defeated
Roll away! Roll away!
Roll away the stone!

Here is glory
Oh, that the King would give His life
That mankind would grow
That mankind could know
Know Heaven

Sunshine in the morning sky
Descending from on high
Fierce creatures wrapped in light
Their faces burning bright

Our soldier fears the worst
Fate has bound him a mighty curse
For with glory in his grasp
(He slew the thing he sought)

Here stands Love by an empty grave
That soldier he seeks to save
Is nothing less than every man - every soul
Sons of Adam - daughters of Eve

That's why we hear him shout
Born to glory, we turn about
And face the Final king - and then we make our choice