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Gentleman( Tilmann Otto )

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Gentleman( Tilmann Otto )


Behold the gratest pretender
Working hard every day just to be a winner
One ting upon him agenda
How him fi go reach upon the devil veranda
Now see him travel far wide and yonder
About no life him no even wonder
Guiltiness from january to december
About simplicity him no remember

The vibration of harmony
Maybe you and me
Can we live together like a melody

No light just dark and demonic behavior
But none of your dutty ways will never prosper
Priority no right so get it together
Can't live a life of illusion forever
Got to live your heart all brothers and sisters
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You nuh see seh dat love alone it is our savior
Man hafi go find demself cause it's written all over
There is a conscience that is real
Of instincts be aware
Never let your mind hold no fear
Be a jah army volunteer
For your neighbour you must care
Never give up cause this ya mission is sincere

You want power to your eyes it appeal
Fi go get it you will kill and steal
But without integrity it's just another deal
Convience yourself the illusion is real
Deny all distraction with vigor and zeal
Apply all instuctions unconceal
And now you get caught ina dem backdoor deal
Here is a likkle truth I come to reveal