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G-Eazy( Gerald Earl Gillum )

Shoot Me Down (feat. Anthony Stewart)

[Verse 1:]
Yea, I may be right I may be wrong
But you gone' miss me when I'm gone
A modern Johnny Cash and June
We never got along
Just think about me when you play this song
I'll make it on just watch
You'll be so regretful
And revenge is sweet
I get full quickly, then I just forget you
But I can't even tell a lie
Felt like you were special
Till I realized what's up and left
Got you feeling dreadful
So whether not you meant to
Ain't no difference between it
Cause everything we had is gone now you can't redeem it
Can't tell if you're oblivious or if you really mean it
I wonder just how many other folks before me seen it
But that shit love can make you blind to a lot of shit
But I can't waste my time on this right now I gotta split

We had a shot up until you stirred the pot
And then you did some shit I never would have thought

[Hook - Anthony Stewart:]
Never thought you'd shoot me down, down, down
I raise my body from the ground, ground, ground
But I'm not worried here at all, no, no
I get right back up when I fall, you know

[Verse 2:]
Yea, Catching shots from head to toe
I don't need no medic though
A modern Gatsby chasing Daisy I should have let it go
But you never know
I might have dreamed too high, rather way too low
Cause you wouldn't stick around back when I wasn't making dough
Till you see a poster with my face for me to play a show
And your friends are like 'He made it now! Fucking way to go'
Used to dream about becoming rich
You ain't see the vision
I ain't make it fast enough for you so you ain't stickin' with him
I used to think about a life with you and music I was wishin'
For them both but you ain't see it 'till I brought one to fruition
But for some reason now and then I still consider
The what if's and the maybes but that shit just makes me bitter


[Hook x2]