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Hoodie Allen( Steven Adam Markowitz )

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Hoodie Allen( Steven Adam Markowitz )

25th Hour

Summertime in St. Louis
This some rap shit, check it

Making reservations for my favorite destinations while the waitress putting me on hold
We used to never make it, now a table opens up and they the ones that call me on the phone
I got the juice, I'm finally able to do it
Got a party of five, ain't talking Jennifer Hewitt
Partying at my crib, somebody pass me the Goose
I'm 'bout to make this bird live, 'bout to [?], muhfucka
Yeah, I always tell the truth, I never lie, muhfucka
You catch me in the booth, you know that's fire, muhfucka
It's not a game of thrones, [?], Jon Snow
Got the fans saying, 'You can't really die, muhfucka'
I'm a fan favorite, and she don't even listen to rap if I ain't made it
She be busy sitting in class but they can't grade it
Soundcloud page giving me all them plays
I be the number one in Oakland but you can't rate it
Double entendre, run the whole squad up like I'm Al Davis
People ask me how I made it, that's why y'all ain't make it
The only advice I gave is give me y'all's savings, I save it
Multiply it then multiplicate it
Either way, they be getting bigger like models who just wanna be famous
And when I kick you to the curb, don't be mad that it happened
[?]getting used, shout out to Bert McCracken
I give you facts, you spit it backwards
Tryna spit up the atoms of Steven Adams
Take my gat out and Eric Clapton
Bitch, you know I'm the captain
Tell 'em, this is my ship
I'll let you know when I'm done with rapping
And when it happen, don't be sad that's done
I swear I'll always be the same muhfucka you love
And my team be too exclusive, we don't pay at the club
Turn the crib into a clubhouse, you ain't play with a glove
[?]they saying what's up
But they just want a piece of something I ain't tryna give up
I tell 'em, I'm the original, All-American Hoodie Allen
These other rappers, they do impressions, that's Jimmy Fallon
My life is full of action, dramatic, but not a movie
These bitches want me, want me, want me like they want Ruby Rose
To me, you a beautiful flower
But if I go to jail I'll see you in the 25th hour, let's go

I been waiting up all night for you, babe
You tell me I'm not the one cause you're afraid
But I just need to let you know I'll throw it all away
Cause I don't wanna win, yeah
And 2 am, I'm driving on the interstate
And you tell me to hurry up, I won't be late
And I just need to let you know I'll throw it all away
Cause I don't wanna win

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