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Hoodie Allen( Steven Adam Markowitz )

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Hoodie Allen( Steven Adam Markowitz )

Nolan Ryan

I don't mean to be greedy or steal your moment
But sometimes I just got to rap circles around motherfuckers
It's Hoodie Baby!

Okay I don't really mean to be superficial
Don't wanna talk about the women and the money I got
But getting beautiful women is not the issue
'Cause the women only coming when the money is hot
I'd rather be living my dreams than be living a lie
Homie everywhere you going you be killing the vibe
It's like you walk in the room and the people get quiet
We ain't talking 'bout you we just wanna be private
My shit's fly like a personal jet, I'm earning respect from every single person I met
You always looking in the mirror, you should learn to reflect
You old news, all we rap about it is current events
So if you started having doubts about your relevance
Change your name to my name for the hell of it
So you can reap the benefits of being fucking jealous
I'm the only one in the damn room like an elephant

Haha, everyone else is quiet
You understand?
Let's go

Tell me I'm fire, I'm better than that
Say I'm a liar, I never been that
Homie keep trying
Your wallet is on a permanent diet, it's never been fat
That shit is science
My shit apply every to motherfucker out there who try
You should retire
Blame it on Tommy, and cry to your mommy, you never been fly
Rappers pretending it's all black and white
But I ain't got time for that clean shit
Oh, you'd rather be James Dean?
I'd rather be me bitch

I'm just being honest
You don't usually wear those big ass glasses
The Internet's forever
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I'm talking this and that, this and that
Identical twins, homie, that's a sister act
You like riff and raff, but that's piss and trash
I'm at the top of the game like aristocrats
Got a vision and I'm gonna finish it
Watch all these haters go beg for their innocence
You talking shit there will be no forgiveness
Writing in permanent ink on the Internet
Swallow your words never assume
People keep talking 'cause that's what they do
As long as they talking 'bout me and not talking 'bout you
Let's let the talking resume
Let's just assume you jealous of me, though
No necesito amigos, I'm all on my own like a free throw
'Bout to make white girl money with burritos
(Shouts to Chipotle, shouts to Chipotle)

Shit's so hot that you got to rewind it
New York City's finest on the diamond
I'm Nolan Ryan when I wind up
You strike out, and I'm making hits without even trying
There's no denying, I'm making noise like a siren
Every hungry motherfucker want a little piece
Fall back homie when I kill it on the beat
Got a shorty in the west and wifey in the east
Bitches just visit me after my shows
All of their clothes go invisibly, just like a cloak
Homie you're talking that wizardry
Best rapper out there, I mean that shit literally

(Let me finish)

You got Costco raps, I'm a commodity
These people buy my songs, wear my clothes
Come to shows, go online, and follow me
That's first team, bitch