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Joey BADA$$( Joey BADASS )

Hilary $wank

We don't say swag no more we say swank

[Verse 1:]
Yo, yo, Hip-Hop's a jungle
Uh, lost in his time I'm just tryna get it like a Porsche in it's prime
These fake niggas sumblime, life of fine sights
Visual fortune but the price ain't quite right
The slice ain't quite ripe
Still pulling strings how I fly but I don't like kites
How they gon' treat Brooklyn's finest not as fine as diamonds?
If I nice, surrounded by hard flow like Icelands
Now we getting icing, finances nice
And I don't like surprises, I like superb prices rising
It's the least I could do, these verses priceless
Rehearsing and bike in reverse her eyelid until she curse in silent
Got a problem solve it, all my Pros saw this
We all gon' die and until then we mobbing
So don't push me, Uh, I'm close to the pussy, even
Closer to the know-ledge dropped out of college
In advance hit the ground running like it's ants in my pants
Honey, pop was a bumbaclot and had a queen bee Mommy
Uh, I love her to the tissue, disrespect my blood and it's an issue
She like 'This you on the cover for real? Ah you so official.'
Now go ahead and buy you some shoes that really fit you
I know she always think of little me, but now I got big literally
Worldwide and physically
I'm saying I used to take walks around Little Italy
Now I roam 'round Sicily
And I'm plotting on a mili

[Verse 2:]
Hmmm another loud pack another proud cat
Eight pound that, Hip-Hop sounds been profound back
Slow down that, metronome nigga
Let it hit home when the specimen showin' gold glitter
Got an icy trigger, your true ideology
I can subtract one with the gun that's true trigonometry
But that won't coincide with the true nigga that I'm a be
It's raw poverty I kicks philosophies
Not because I rock Soccer tees
I ain't gon' beg but I can plead
Rocking socking sockets out your knees
Fulfill your needs with similes not simiLIES
Spit that unfamiliar, put that on familia
For love Hip Hop, ladies rub your papillas
Fellas beat they chest like they Silverback Gorillas
It's the new age, children of the crystal healers
Thinking I'm butterfly try catapult caterpillars

[Outro: x2]
After years of constructing they start the substance
So I keep my circumference of deep fried friends like dumplings
But fuck that nigga we munching, we hungry

Swanking [x3]
I see you Jigga!
Hilary Swanking