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Joey BADA$$( Joey BADASS )

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Joey BADA$$( Joey BADASS )


[Verse 1]
Ayo I don't really cry, ask why
Cause inside no one ever really dies
Your presence is still alive
Your voice I still hear it
I still feel your spirit in a room feel heavenly with the scent of ya
We wasn't on the issues but couldn't help but notice your views
So many aspects of truth
Infact you let the past get to you
So thoughts on a better future, it couldn't suit you alone
We was stoned, by the snakes of this life of sin
But you taught me a life lesson, the fight within
Use the power of our minds, I was confused at some hour in time
My eyes were dark brown but blind
But, now I see even the sun shines through blinds
And now I move enlighten in sightings that I find
Enticin' in my prime, like, look at me now
You used to tell me read books, niggas bookin' me now
But how, could I have done it without you though
You was the big bro I never ever had you know?
Why you had to go? It hurt me inside
I feel guilty walking around outside with false pride
If only we could vibe like, one more time
Hear one more line or share one more rhyme
Even show me one more sign of destiny itself would be fine
But there's no turning back the, hands of time
Or delayin' the plans of your mastermind
So I hope you came across of what you had to find
And watch over the ones you once loved
You was my nigga when push came to shove

One love x4

The sky's the limit
That's what they told the fuckin' fool
I disguised the limit
Now I'm aiming for the sun and moon x2

Long Live Steelo

93 'til infinity

King Capital

May your soul Rest in Peace