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Joey BADA$$( Joey BADASS )

Sorry Bonita

[Verse 1:Dyemond Lewis]
It's all illusions, fixed gear cruising
Fixed reality shrouded from governmental pollution
I ain't a saint, the holy ghost up in my aura rebuked it
It's the era of indigo and they go with the preachin
I ascend as the seasons, go on and I vanish
Cause I notice I'm slowly becoming way more imbalanced
A king with the crown, firm grip on the chalice
Solid gold angel coming back to burn down this Babylon
Has told many tales, his flows you could sells
Mastering wind elements, I move with the gales

[Verse 2: Chuck Strangers]
'Cause I'm a socialite in the night, bitch get right enable
I'm boxin yo dorm, Put my Nikes on the coffee table
My tongue's below her navel, she makes it where her skills enable
Seals my hands on her extremities, we're choppin up these remedies
Came in between her and I
We leave it to the constellations like should we continue relations?
I think not cause all I do is smoke pot
And make beats, and yo ass just want back shots

[Verse 3: Dirty Sanchez]
Smoker's club, Michael Jordan how I'm killin 4 quarters
You stashin' the trash, hoarder
Yo girl startin to bath water, it's Dirty
And that's not an introduction, it's nutchin
Dirt on my shoulders, like Hova
My niggas turn boulders soft, that's the shit that me and jovid saw uh
And now its like Pro Era in stores
All my niggas opening doors,
All my bitches is braless, flawless more or less
Balance was the key, more action less speaking
Everybody wants a piece


[Verse 4: A la $ole]
When I release the flows I goes over yo dome far
The nigga to represent the barrio, we hold bars
I shine further, you sons get in the bogard
You gotta pick yo road, give it a go, keep the point gawd
Better with the regis my mind, they manifestin
Beast coast, yea we the pros, you don't wanna mess with
We leave you breathless, don't second guess the best who blessed it
Less than yo adolescence when I speak my progression

Bring it down baby
Bring it down baby, uh

[Verse 5: Kirk Knight]
This is what I asked for, asked for
Chillin at my backdoor, back off, mine tweakin on bath salts
Confuse my intelligence, maybe I'm irrelevant
So eloquent, being riders with a elephant
The higher rank tryna pull a trump card
When I try and do the things, I deserve all respect
Intricit my amount, boy to any amount
To any account, probably I gets em out uh

I can see it through the pyramids
I can see it through the pyramids
I can see it through the pyramids
I must admit, I must admit

[Verse 6: Dessy Hinds]
The mental state of a nigga that was scheduled for great
Following schedules, never scheduled for break
But still embrace he'll put ya' neck in a brace;
Regular days went to getting paid regular
Respectin the Era where the Era's been ascendin up
Got all types of fans that's always sendin us love
And ex girls that I loved I now offend with a glove
And stay deeper, pistol head in the buck
'Cause Mr. Hinds always gotta float to let the people know that nigga head is above
Regular sea height, cause they 3rd eye never seen height
Cause only this Brooklyn street light gave me shine to shine for these nights
Came with the free ice to bag bodies on the beat sipes

Bring it down baby
Bring it down baby, uh

[Verse 7: CJ Fly]
Lookin for who's in charge, don't be shocked, I'm the plug
Get inside like the socket, the surgeon, the sergeant
Energy – I put all in
I'm learning the flaw things
In the storm you stand out, you can struck and stand up
I know how to conduct, feelings electric
Well we're connected, your buttons are pressin
Can test the reception, I sent you a message
Let me know if you get this, a question

[Verse 8: Joey Bada$$]
Seen it all in the retrospect, took retro steps
Like it's '93 still, got '93 til mic skills
Even got the ecko check
Like for real there no testin, my tribe is not some Tribe called Questions
My professions are not no seconds
To know veterans and they minutes of fame
I'm a menace, insane, minus the brain as i diminish the flame
Make it rain, champagne, till it falls down the drain
Got my head up in my dreams
Everything ain't what it be seemin'
Don't blame me girl, blame my semen
You got good jeans so your inseams made seamless
And off top, you're ingenious
We took a hit of of the greenest
Now she at most fear on the atmosphere but don't intervene us
Break her body down to the genus if she leavin
She didn't get the pic' and now I see Sophia
She get the tone, sorry Bonita but
Sophia got a applebum
Sophia got a applebum
I'm thinkin I should take it home
What you sayin?