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Joey BADA$$( Joey BADASS )

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Joey BADA$$( Joey BADASS )


[Verse 1:Joey Bada$$]
And I guess it's my turn to shine
The bright light I was starin' at turn lime
And the green stuff turned to slime, and grime
Everybody want to be your blood cousin
When you're buzzing
Fine, I give 'em my other line, another rhyme
Word to mother, I'm goosed up
My two fucks in two cups
Another double entendre
She fell in that Bombay
Now she tumble dry lingerie
Chardonnay nothing but the bottle of emotion
But the love potion when it sprays
They just caught up in the days
Let me show you how I feel these Jays
The cheese stays high like Dr. J
My flow is like land the boats, dock the planes
Hand the dope but cop the chains
For more fiends some antidote to stop the pain
Now my stream, floods these streets
They can't stop the reign

All right I need them back
To blast, to blast me out of sight
Like a satellite
Vibe all night
A satellite

[Verse 2: Chuck Strangers]
I take a day off
Let the trees take some weight off
My mental's just a fact, Bannon's got the instrumental
I keep niggas on their toes
So you got creases in your Forces
My verses they're important, yo your verses they are boring
I am not of this Earth bro
I'm a satellite that's bound to fight
But we're down to light, 'n light the fuck up

Vibe all night

[Verse 3: Kirk Knight]
As I roll the die
Like my first drink was just the brink of a crooked eye
But don't blame the ice for the I U KEL
Oh God couldn't see past 'em
If his name is puff pass, no derive
Two dubs I got 40 on my hit list
Just smoking drinks both the broken in-glass like old English
Are you good bro?
Is your eyes dilated from the kush 'n Nuvo?
This new for the life
Like a Nubian with the doobie cold eyes
Better smell the coffee I'mma coughing
That means I'm sick widdit, spit it out
Kill it like airborne diseases
Is this why the rap game is this easy?
Like please eat your vegetables
So I took a dose of the edible
Ain't an overdose
Already a rap monster fucking overload
Hopping up on stepping stones
So we making stepping stones
Turn up that tichrome
Be back to introduce
This is Messiah and the eyes are hopeless
Please open my divide eyes through the world flex

This ship
Don't this shit make my people wanna jump?
No disrespect, ask my man for the pumps
Don't this shit
To blast, to blast me out of sight like a satellite
Don't this shit make my people wanna jump?
No disrespect, ask my man for the pumps
Don't this shit make my people wanna jump?

[Verse 4: Dessy Hinds]
Surround Sounder
Come and hear the blunt-smoking philosopher
Smoking with a joint to get you open like a chakra
No time for the roster this rap game goes either way
Let him lead the way
And niggas will know who they need to play
Freeing the ways to amplify the idiolect
Saw nothing but shots since the project days
Like I was eyin' the Tec
Kept the eye in the text
Make 'em see my eye in the Lex
Giving my blood sweat and iron injecting selecting the soul
Cause mind body and soul can't be reinstalled
Special with the flow to make Niagara fall
It's over for the systematic rapping robotics
Crashing my logic
These niggas hooked on hooks and Hooked on Phonics
With hooked on phonics the pot could get em hooked on chronic
Cause pain conditions from the page conditions
Racing like Sonic inhaling the tonic
They couldn't grade my brain in a college
Themes behind it rob you for ya mind like thieves is behind it
So we had to squeeze in knowledge
To pile it when the green sees wallet
Anything to let the green seize wallet
Taking forever and a century with sentence speeds
Like a penitentiary to build cell blocks to block your memory
Catch me on the enemy's territory
Telling terrorist story with a terror
The Era ends with a good night story

Don't this shit make my people wanna jump?
No disrespect, ask my man for the pumps
Don't this shit make my people wanna jump?