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Jadakiss( Jason Phillips )

Something Else

You know i love the style on ya
Blue forty caliber
Butterfly doors on the triple black challenger
And i'm still in and out
Got it so i'm spending out
Dope boy so i never have a problem in a drought
Don't take too much work if you can't manage that
In case u run out of empties use sandwich bags
Play with the hand u was dealt
That's why i ride the track til it melts
I can care less how you feel how u felt
I done spent niggas rent money on belts
Threesomes in the trunk
I'm xxxxxxx for the wealth
And the hood ask about me i'm something else

[young jeezy]
I aint even did nothing
And it look like i'm trafficking
You see these blood diamonds
Sir my chain african
Speaking of my chain
Need to get a job
Get the xxxx up out my neck
Serve (?) to barack
Whatever that you do look
Don't get caught
That stash get low ya xxx might get bought
Ok i'm over it lets talk about something else
I said i'm over it i think i'm buying something else
Leave everyday like a thug holiday
Suffocate a nigga bout my j. holiday
To make a movie bout my doc holiday
Son strapped 365 even holidays

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