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Luke Christopher

I Think I Love Her

What is he doing

[HOOK 2x]
I think I love her, love her
We would stay up all night under the covers, covers
I would play this shit loud with my head up in the clouds
Man I would do anything for her, for her

Just like the feeling Aaliyah given
Ooh she could kill it
I'd probably throw on some Yeezy, yeezy when he be trippin
I fuckin live it
Sometimes I need her for the moment
She stared on that lotion
I started on that potion
Ooh girl you got me goin
No pill but I feel like im rollin
Get that dirt off of my shoulder
Feeling like im Elvis sober
Even when I am though
Walk around with a band ho
Lookin up at the stand though
Watching them waving they hands though

Somehow I always hear elvis when I be thrusting pelvis
Somehow I alwys hear biggie if she got tig ol biddies
Oops I mean big ole titties
I mean the girl is pretty
I mean Im feeling just like Justin when he had Brittney
And like clockwork my dude it always hits me
It ain;t even just my heart it like in my kidney
And I belive it ain't no maybes it ain't no Mr Ripley
They gone be singing when I die and come to heaven with me

[Hook 2x]

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