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I'll Handcraft Ya Fate

f/ Desert Eagle, INF-Black, Kawz

Scramblers Stone Gang bang, Ayo, Check
I'll push this razor through your face like hard white on a glass plate
There's six million ways to die, I'll handcraft your fate
Assassinate your character, The ten mil caliber's modified
And designed to re-align your spine
Grind harder then flint stones, Friction'll spark
Feel the impact of high grain bullets that crush through your dense bones
Afghanistan terror torture moans
I heard from the victims buried alive, By the Hillside Scramblers/Stones
My hammers are chrome, Some are black, Be afraid
That I'll stab you in the rib cage and break off the blade
This is renegade music, Murderous melodies
Dead meat, When Hell freezes over I'll fight with my felonies
Fresh melon squeeze, The juice out your head with no pulp
Leave holes in your cantaloupe, I'll eat your food in one gulp
There's no antidote, A cure to stop the spreading of my plague
Pistol bulging in my pants, It's the burner by the third leg
You can beg for mercy, But I feel no remorse
Winter frost, Thoughts colder then exploded nitrogen tanks
The banks stop, I'll spray this magazine through your heart
As batteries and plastic help your pacemaker to jump start
I'm one smart killing machine, Nahmean
Lead rockets drill in between your stomach, Spilling your spleen
Civilians scream, Singing a song of death
A serenade for the slaid, I spit with a stronger breath, Yes

Now what you know about that Stone Gang, My gun bang
In the yard God is where them goons hang, We take aim
Any man front'n could get slain, My big thing
Let it off, Reload twice homey, Close range, It's kinda strange
Play with your life money, It's not a game
Type of shit that I be on, Hungry, I'm in the lane
Get it crunk, Numb'n your style, Call me cocaine
Can't fuck with none of you acts, I'm addicted to the grain
Keep it playing, Move by the hour, I get it off man
It's a shame these O.G. cowards wanna say my name
And the niggas I used to fuck with conversate the same
Barber shop talk, New York put a talon through your brain
It's a sharp sport, Get caught, Shower all you lames
In the dark hall by four, Cop the dope for your vein
See me fresh, Shine, New walk, On the block with my thing
How you like it nigga, I'll break your frame make pain
Here them niggas go, Shooting up the side of your range
Better hit a hoe, Domino effect on my foes
With a better flow, Nigga I confiscate the dough
Flip it three times round and let my younger niggas blow
How we get it good homey, Yeah we gotta get it fast
Stack the dough up quick nigga and spit on his faggot ass
Big mouths don't last in my jungle son
Tie your ass to the toilet kill you for your cash and guns

I got a hundred G vocabulary
That I only use if necessary
Word is deadly, Aint to many better then me
Test me and get sent straight to the cemetery
I heard he was legendary, But hardly an adversary for me
Said to be amongst the ranks, Running with thieves
Guerrilla wit it, Gun in his sleeve
I don't give a fuck if you leave
Money was nice, But he aint fucking with me
I'm the type to leave these coward cats stuck in a tree
You need a fireman, Fuck the police
Call EMT, I spit flames G, Aint nothing can change me
A murder, Some surgeons are smelling smoke
As they rush the scene, Fuck with me and I'ma crush your dreams
I gotta fiend for every hour of the day
With the product I don't play
Shower then with rocks, Sprinkle them with yae
Niggas better pay, I aint taking nate, Have your money straight
This aint a debate, Half stepping with your cake
Like Kane said in eighty-eight, I set a motherfucker straight
And put your name in the air like David Blaine
You know what I'm saying, I make em fly without strings
Hit you with the thing and then your crew minus one
Cause the difference I bring

[Desert Eagle]
Yo, I'm down for the get down, Pound for pid-ound
I'm the champ that's why they calling for the sit down
They want the game man, I'm selling by the pid-ound
I got a chain gang and we all get down
Nigga front on the cash you know where it spit rounds
My dudes'll touch you, We'll clear your whole strip out
I'm the lone ranger, Of the stone rangers
Back wash, Shit stretch about four acres
Used to doubt the kid, Til you all caught the vapors
Now you on my dick, Everybody wanna rape it
Wanna take it home with them and clone the greatest
You out dated I'm upgraded, I am the matrix
Could we save the mainframes and databases
Tried to hit me with a virus called playa hate'n
I got hardware, Every shot devastating
We puff lime green and we pull levitating