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Murs( Nicholas Carter )


Producer:Curtiss King

All my house, don't own a gun
Two kids, my only sons
I got my own money, you ain't the only one
I'm on my grown man shit, and I'm on one
Ownership, you ain't on this shit
Ownership, that's why you on my dick
Ownership, you ain't on this shit
Ownership, yeah I own this shit

[Verse 1]
I made a million dollars selling 5 dollar tapes
You niggas had to sell your soul just to get a play
Underground king and an all-time great
Humble cause I wouldn't be shit without my fan base
A four door Volvo, late model under bucket, learned that from 4 O
500 dollar backpack holding three racks
Drop it at the diamond store, the homies told me keep that
These niggas think I'm broke though
Dirty ass vans and a can of four loco
I don't do jewelry or videos with broke hoes
This 2014, what the fuck you selling dope for?


Atlantic, Universal, nigga I don't give a fuck
Interscope, Warner Brothers, all of y'all are getting fucked
Corporations raping you, better get your paper
Bullshit walking money, talk my nigga, you ain't saying much

[Verse 2]
In Italy the homies told me fuck [?]
Free pussy ride, while we at it we should kill Kony
In the Chi, there was 45 homicides
And that's just January, god bless the south side
I still got to give back, hundred million dollars and you still ain't did that
Poverty is still a problem where you used to live at
Turkey giveaways on holidays can't fix that
I still put my chips up, certified goonie on a mission for the rich stuff
I'm long money, little dude, you's a quick buck
Wealth is a dead spirit, so eternally I'm [?]up

[Hook + Bridge]

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