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Murs( Nicholas Carter )

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Murs( Nicholas Carter )

Justin Bieber'$ Black Baby

Producer:Curtiss King

[Intro:Murs talking]
Do you ever watch TMZ and be wondering why the fuck Justin Bieber does some of the shit he does? It's because he has a little black baby in his fucking head telling him what to do bitch! (hahaha)

[Verse One]
Smoking loud with hella random black dudes
Shirt off showing off my fucking tattoos
Red and white flag swag is Canadian
We in that Fisker we ain't ride in no Mercedes Benz
And I'm spitting on the paparazzi
Richest motherfucker in the world can't nobody stop me
Selena Gomez, that's my old bitch
And I'm 'bout to clone that ho because I'm so rich
Miley saw me swagging and she lost her fucking mind
I need to smack that bitch for trying to block my fucking shine
I'm on my grind
Shout out to my Beliebers
They ain't old enough to drink but homie I ain't either
But I'm old enough to blow on some hookers bro
And bitch, bet I buy an island when I book a show
My pops the same color as my white tee
Am I Justin Bieber's black baby?
Bitch I might be

I'm Justin Bieber's black baby
Justin Bieber's black baby
Justin Bieber's black baby

[Verse Two]
Will Smith put me up on Scientology
Men In Black, reading Malcolm X biography
Couple of guys up to no good
King Sean tried to get my ass kicked out the neighborhood
Caught one case, moms got scared
So I fired that bitch when I was live on the air
My security can't hold me back
Call TMZ, LAPD if you see me on the attack
I'm the mahfucking Bieb' bitch
Ask Usher mahfucker cause I keep him rich
I made a movie
They all did the same thang
Now I gotta show One Direction that it ain't a game
Aim it, cock it, shoot it, pow
Who's the king of pop now?
Somebody tells these motherfuckers that they need to bow down
My pops the same color as my white tee
Am I justin' Bieber's black baby?
Bitch I might be


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