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Murs( Nicholas Carter )

Trap Luv

(feat. Brooke Taylor)

Producer:Curtiss King

[Verse 1 - Murs]
She said space is what she needed from me
That got me started thinking that she didn't really want me
Didn't mean to smother her, I was just in love with her
Deep down inside I knew I'd never find another her
Someone that's special, how could you let em leave you
My ex tried to text me, I said she'd never be you
You, so perfect in your own way
How could I possibly be loving you the wrong way
I wanted all of you, so I gave you all of me
Made the mistake of thinking quality was quantity
You stopped calling me, I tried not to notice
You shitted down on me, but honestly I'm hopeless
Dopest girl I ever had, I should have played it cool
Got me sitting, wishing there was something I could say to you
Cause I get it now, how you couldn't breathe
And I could change, I'm just wishing that you didn't leave

[Hook – Brooke Taylor][x2]
If you love me
Let me go so I can earn your trust
But if you can't let me go
There is no “us” cause I feel trapped here
Inside of this [?]

[Verse 2 – Murs]
I've been hurt before, so it's hard to trust
I know you saying yeah, what that got to do with us
Everything, and nothing at all
I know it's not a good look to catch me going through your calls
Immaturity, insecurity, heart broke once, now there ain't no curing me
The paranoid lover, going undercover
Popping up at your spot, tryna catch you with another
I'll probably never change, but if you can't hang
Then you can leave, and Imma have to let you do your thing
Or you can work with me, I know I'm worth it
You think I'm jealous but that's only on the surface
Would you rather be loved too much
Or messing with some dude who doesn't even give a fuck
Stuck my neck out, tryna learn to love again
So if you leave, forget about me, I don't need another friend


[Outro – Brooke Taylor]
Inside of this [?]
Do you love me
Do you care for me
Do you feel for me
The way I feel for you

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