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Murs( Nicholas Carter )


Producer:Curtiss King

[Intro:Murs talking]
Hey. You hear that? Hell nah. Cause it's electric fool. (Curtiss King production) Welcome to the future. What you on? You on 20's? You got navigation? Ha ha. Check this out

My prius is like a spaceship
Dashboard light up, push start, we lift off and then we take trips
'It's just a Prius though
On that L.A. tip
My dashboard light up like a spaceship'

[Verse One]
This is my jet pack
My hover board
The only type of spaceship that I could afford
So futuristic, what I'm doing with it
Zero down, good credit, homie you can get it
I'm not for thee elite
Not the 1%
I rock over beats to overthrow the government
They rock two parties
I rock two thousand
Trying to get this lower class out of public housing
No key
Push to start
Mainstream or underground, yeah it's all ours
May not touch the charts
Trying to touch your heart
I see the bigger pictures so I gotta play my part
Out in Cali, your car is who you are
Me? I drive a spaceship cause I live amongst the stars
The only way to navigate the asphalt and tar
Public transport sucks
M.T.A. won't get you far


[Verse Two]
I'm an eco-friendly, fuck your barely fuel efficient, gangsta
Never costing more than forty bucks to fill my tank up
You see my space shuttle, shooting down the 'Shal
My Prius like a magnet snatching ratchets out they drawers
Pause for the cause at the Manchester Fat Burger
Chick tried to race me at the light, I had to serve her
Hit the power switch, usually it's eco mode
Less than 10 minutes and I'm already at Pico bro
Bust a U
Then I'm at the 10
Hit Vegas and I'm back, no gas in
But I'm gassing, silent assassin
Police on patrol but I roll right pass them
They see the Prius and they don't think 'black skin'
They thinking middle class, white anglo saxon
That's what's happening
A fucking space oddessy
You suckers stuck rapping in the trap never bother me


This where the peace starts and the thugging ends
Your car don't impress me unless you plug it in

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