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Mike G

Not Playin' At All

Ridin through Ladera in a Beamer looking cleaner
Got a billionaire demeanor since I've moved to L.A..
Got a 100,000 rhymes that deserve 'replay'
So Zendaya if you ever need somewhere to stay
Know I can lay bricks that build an estate
Girl, you look like the sunset at the end of the day
If these people wanna talk we'll give them something to say
New NWA. I'm Ren, Cube, And Dre
Take it Eazy things are getting awfully tragic
If I try, I can pull Abra like magic
Undressing Tinashe as her video plays
Aye Vince hit Jhene, I got somethin to say
Thinkin' about tellin Cassie she can 'meet me by the lake'
And I'll be ducking Diddy in Miami now like Drake
I got an infatuation I can't seem to tame and
I don't want her if she lookin for something to gain
Like K. Michelle, she not the one that's singin 'say my name'
Nitty Scott, Give me a shot you fly like planes
I'll wait on that like subway trains
Or, How in a drought you wait for rain
But I'm not ashamed to say I can't hang all day
Unless Rihanna's in my ear singin lyrics from 'stay'
Fact remains that I need to hit the streets
On a quest for peace. Through Artistic relief
And Aurally my muse sounds like Kilo Kish
More than places I need to be I got things to achieve
Expectations to exceed. It's like walkin in the park tho
Say a lot you need to keep up why you think I talk slow
Got a couple names I'm Trynna conquer like an obstacle
Might light Ya wrist just to give you some rocks to throw
Take a second to say that you're more that what you make
I Got Songs for lions, songs for wolves, This for my dawgs tho
Imma give you the feeling I get through song
How I felt I was on when I met Christina Milian
I got a sense 'me and u' can have something so strong
If I don't have to keep you in control like ailerons
If you're brain isn't to vast for me to explore
You'd become something more than I could ignore
Girl You deserve a bonus or reward
Like Hawaii with Kehlani. Can you ride a surfboard?
It's yours. And the world don't need to know details
For sure early morn' speeding like light rails
I handle each and every curve, that ain't nothin but a word
She like jewels and pearls. She don't shop retail
See I'm not trynna hit every chick in the world
Just the girls that send 40oz Van emails
And that's a full list. I heard some stories bout taylor swift
I used to hate now I got something she can take like a gift
This is more than rap. So high with Doja cat
The purpose of life to me is to make dreams become fact
Rap laps over tracks Mike so raw
And imma make you come see me when I get off tour like...

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Gu-Guess who's bizzack

Touch down. She say hit me when you in my city now
If Its not a singer need a model chick 'Wimmie Now'
Sicker styles rippin by the golden child
Wonder how I Roc the Nation 'On The Run' like I'm skippin trial
We got gifts you shouldn't trade for nothin
The world is never enough. And passions not a discussion
I love it I love it enough to take it in public
You got love then put nothing above it
But on the other I Don't abide by law
You do time for crime but
I just want all of Taz's Angels in a line up
Tell the truth no one knows how you get what you've gotten
But I'm plottin promise Imma pay the price when my times up
Say I'm so cool such a wonderful dude
They run and tell they friends like news now I got something to prove
Baby I can make you feel like no other man can
I got the world in my hands cuz I stick to the plan
I'm snow man in these all white vans
Tell her, hop in. Save seats for the clan
Just then I may keep her tied so she can't move
Then put it on film like Jessie Andrews
Mike Check one two guess who
What I say comes true see I sprayed the coupe blue
When I come thru all you see is a blur
I named it Chloé Mortaud, cuz she's as pretty as her
And in the same sense her performance is stellar
Watching posts from Isabella Cuz you hot as Coachella. That's the truth
Your the type we couldn't stand to lose
Other dudes in the background plannin moves
But that's something you know. Give it time to grow
And you fly come back If I let you go
And I know what you want to hear or at least I could guess
So smooth with each breath I touch and caress
So far ahead of the rest they would say that's the best
Others they shouldn't argue that's no contest
Live so wild hoping you come out west
I'll go so far to say That babe you look like sex in a dress
They say fashion is painful but you kill from every angle
I said we made it when Barbara Palvin become an angel
I know the lifestyle filled with rumors and false truth
Come to me like go see's. In dark I can shoot
They might say things about you but you work through it all
I'll say look at the way them legs make you stand tall
I may say she's the one, if she lookin like Jordan Dunn
You'll be working all summer come and see me in the fall
Give me respect ill hit the check when you call
And if you think I'm runnin game, I'm not playing at all

(From now on when you hear this, roll a Dutch light it up. I didn't say it all but I said enough Ive walked the road and I know that it's tough. The question is when not what. if you dont get it by now I'm just sayin let me.....)