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Mark Kozelek


Walking down Broadway, pacing the streets in Chinatown
Walk them so much, will walk them when
I'm old and hunched over, maybe with a friend
Maybe with my love, or maybe alone

Circlin' the globe I ache with midnight loneliness, my heart turns black
The demons nest inside my soul when each night comes and I close the door
I feel the cold, I see the digital clocks and face the ceiling layin' on my back
Got no willpower, honestly, I crave your touch to comfort me

You're always in my heart
Though I've lied before and I don't deserve your
I don't deserve your kindness

The Holiday Inn, the Hilton Hotel, the Intercontinental, the Admiral Fell
Embassy Suites, Islington, Jurys Inn, Doubletrees, got a nice pool where I swim
Scandic Stockholm has got a nice gym, baths and saunas to soak in my sins
Marriot Courtyard, Radisson Blu, wherever I am I try to reach you

Cause nothing's better than any given day
Laying in bed with you, looking out at the bay
Watchin' a movie, or watching' a fight
Like when Manny Pacquiao had an easy night
Of Ricky Hatton and I rolled over
And kissed your neck, and I smelled your skin
And I still fall in love with you every time
That I hold you close and I look in your eyes

You always seem to find a way...
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When I'm lost at sea like an old ghost ship
When I'm hidin' behind walls and I stop seeing my friends
When I don't feel like talking

When I'm messy as Nordic December
Disconnected and cannot remember
If last Christmas we had spent together
If I'm alive or I'm a soft grey cloud
Sleepwalkin' through traffic lights downtown
When I can't discern, cannot decipher
Pages fallin' from the soul typewriter

Are we runnin' out of time?
Cause there's no one I could find
Without you I'm no one

This mornin' I woke up next to my love and her terrier pup
She went off worked her day long and I stayed home and I wrote songs
Took my brain down the block and drank iced tea at the coffee shop
My agent called, said 'I've got somethin' for ya
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Winnipeg, Manitoba,
Netherlands, London U.K., then come back home, Seattle, Portland, L.A.,'
Walkin' down Broadway through the streets in Chinatown, I scratched my head
And I looked down, still be walkin' them when I'm old, maybe with a friend
Maybe with my love, maybe alone

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