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Out of the womb i slipped
Between two vaginal lips
Pushed to the light of a sight
A fetus into a child
In the spring of the suns
But not the wet 'n' wild
Journey conceived
My fathers sperm giving my mother a seed
Implanted it in the ovaries
Of eternity and entity
Organism in the system of creation
Sperm swimming in the lake
Fluids that make
Being in the congruent state
Through movement i was able to generate
Enough energy to surpass fate
And become part of human race
Waiting for the cervical canal to dilate
Silently, silently searching for a trace of a base
That I can call my own
And aware my surroundings built under my creators
Sanctuary was my home
Binding with this life with force I would twist my body
Communicating with my mother pounding on her uterus
With my under developed kick
The pulsation was my snare
The moment we share was rare
One breath, one life, one love
Push came to shove
I didn't want to budge by the force form above
Let me know, it was the time to go, told me so
A baby boy
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With the the ovum of the X and Y chromosome
Being born within the ozone
At the throne of the dome
Called Earth birthed to a child of the cosmos

Gossip, talk walk the same
Melodramatic soap opera drama
And short change themselves for other's opinions
It's a shame

I'm an outsider, outcast
Put in the public school system with my peers
I honestly couldn't last
Always passed
But felt like I was from a different planet
Knew my origin, the question that others took for granted
Don't forget where you came from
From the Fallopian tube
From the flesh of your mother's breast
You used to hang from
We got a nation held to ransom
Killed in selfish ways
And today
Let's start the planning of enhancements for our grandsons
Offsprings, daughters bending Marauders and handguns

To be continued...
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