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Montage - Part 4 (Judy (Cont.), Greg, Richie)

FOLLOWS 'Montage - Part 3 (Don, Judy, 'Mother')'

first time I'd ever seen a dead body.
But then when I was fifteen the most terrible thing happened.
The Ted Mack amateur hour held auditions in St. Louie
and I didn't hear about it 'til after they'd gone and I nearly killed myself nearly killed myself.
I tried to walk in front of a speeding street car and I remember noticing boys for the first time.
Anyway, I remember etc.
practicing kissing with another girl
So that when the time came you'd know how to (Listens)
No Oh.


JUDY (hopeful)
Did you, girl

Yea but just a couple of times.

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Count me in.

Thank God! Anyway, I do remember

The worst thing in school was every time the teacher called on me
I'd be hard, I'd be hard.
Really I'd have to lean up against the desk like this! And the teacher would say: 'Stand up straight.' 'I can't. I have a pain in my (beat) side.' 'Stand up straight.' Or walking down the halls, You have to walk like this, with all your books stacked up in front of you.

MIKE (speaks)
I thought it was me. I thought I was a sex maniac.

You are!

(GREG continues about his discovery that he's gay and how he thought being gay meant being a bum the rest of his like and not being able to wear his favorite pair of gabardine pants.)