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4 Minute Fire Drill

This is for the underrated people never given a chance
The quiet KIDS always sitting in the back of the class
Represent the underdog when I'm blazing a track
Never listen to a hater kiss the crack of my ass
Nobody thought I could be rapper right?
I'm 5 foot 5 never been in a fight
But I'm the voice of the people when they gimme the mic
With 2 fingers in the air screaming hippy life

We got bongs and pipes and dab rigs for toys
Fuck a stuck up chick always acting snooty
I need a stoner bitch with a onion booty
I kick stoner raps for my stoner folks
The radio don't be liking when a stoner flow
I be saying what I want when I want to dude
Voodoo in the booth and the flows cuckoo

The Humboldt County kid
He got the mic in his hand talking shit again
This ain't yelawolf, rittz or eminem
It's UnderRated barely anybody ever heard of him but
I'm not bitter not me
Just take respect when I'm riding on a beat
Rap mix and produce I can do all 3
I'm a beast in the studio killing MCs
High as fuck but far from lazy
Made so many beats that I went crazy
Still living in a party cause hip hop raised me
I never spit anything less than amazing
Everytime I rhyme I let em know
I'mma cold motherfucker that's factual
You ain't shit and I'mma natural
Wanna go toe to toe come at me bro

Gotta a team so mean I'll diss ya
Here's a list of best fast rappers alive
Tech N9ne Krazie Bone and Tung Twista
Busta Rhymes and UnderRated the Top 5
U don't like my list then you can eat a dick :)
I'm still your mom and your girlfriends favorite
Slaying the beat that's why they wanna taste it
I'm no one to fuck with I'm underrated!!!
I'm beginning to feel like a weed god, weed god
Slow down fuck that I'm not done
I keep the song going like run forrest run
From the west all the way to the East Coast son
So fresh and I'm never gonna be outdone
Hold on Lemme take a hit of this blunt

Take it to the head I be the best when I be smoking on the
Humboldt County chronic then I'm going supersonic
And I get into the booth and then I kill it
Everybody always wanna talk about it but they never really do it
I'm a killer on the microphone I lyrically abuse it
Like I'm riding on a bicycle I'm never gonna lose it
And I didn't even choose it man I really fell into it
Now I'm so far deeply in love with my music
Here we go again I'm never stopping I'm bringing the pain
A lot motherfuckers be doing it but they so lame
Talking about their better but they'll never be the same
Giving a fuck what they be saying cause I'm flowing any way
I'm a legend and I wreck it and I kill it no delay
When I get into my zone I LOVE TO SAY BITCH
Most of these other rappers acting BITCH
I let em know put your hands up
When you at the show stop acting like a
You know I got flow never gimme props
But I'm just so hip hop you a
All I do is smoke if you put your nose up and
Roll your eyes then you nothing but a
I get stoked when I see a fine girl
Getting high cause I love a stoner

On the mic we don't play
Potluck rock a stage and stay high everyday
The industry's so the same don't wanna stoner to blow
Find more lyrics at ※
But ask the kids in the front row who got the best flow

Toured with Ill Bill and RA The Rugged Man
Toured with Tech N9ne back when he was in a van
Toured with D12 and E40 just imagine
Modern day John Lennon never taking life for granted

Props to Sub Noize and all the Juggalos too
Without y'all I wouldn't be where I am and that's true
Hash tag hippy life it's running through my blood
Don't got a 9 milli I got a milli on hugs

People wanna judge they don't like what they don't get
A sideways hat wearing HIPPY rapper from the sticks
In some fresh new kicks talking about smoking bud
Now, everybody wonders where the fuck I'm from

Welcome to Humboldt
Where nobody does it the way that we do
The majority of us are growing it fool
Your comparing the weed no comparison dude
We been killing the weed
Flipping the trees Make it look easy
We done it forever were clever
We got the best weather ya better believe me

Smoking a joint then we taking a flight
Torching a dab and we do it all night
Give it to Ton cause he's rolling it right
Then we toking and fitting the stereotype
No, you can never smoke too much
Dabs and blunts ain't nothing to us
You, don't wanna believe this but...
We the RUN DMC of this bud

Generations of growers perfecting
they craft like I do with my rap
We got thousands of pounds of the chronic
your just a beginner your making us laugh
My.people don'
Smoking.up.on that light.dep
Knockyou-out like a right-left
Let's-get-back to this mic check

Here we go- beat change- get blazed
EVERYTHING in my game like I'm Lebron James
Talking down on my name it'll get ya SLAIN
I be the best weed rapper your favorite strain
I've done coke and snorted zany
My music not for orphan annie
I do this for me and my family
Excuse me Kanye that's my grammy

UnderRated but I'll never stop going
Your walking a fine line wanna battle me flowing
I'm murdering every track right in front of your face
The Al Capone of this rap it ain't Puffy and Mace
Hi in the sky like a redwood tree
Ain't nobody ever gonna take away my dream
Underground rap not the mainstream machine
But the fans that I got they ride for me

I've done like a thousand shows
Been to different places around the globe
I get lifted but I still can flow
I'm addicted 1 2 3 GO!

Keep on a mission I'm killing the competition
Making everybody listen when I bust my rap
Fiend for the music and I'll never stop using
If you wanna go against us you'll get smashed

Most rappers on the radio that blow
Can't flow we all know the shit is trash
MORE THAN 4 minutes 1 TAKE 1 TRACK
No Punch-Ins bitch who the fuck does that?????