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Logic( Sir Robert Bryson Hall II )

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Logic( Sir Robert Bryson Hall II )

Whens It All Gonna Change

See, I wrote this track, when I was going through a few things in my life, and the best way I thought to describe to let my feelings out, was through music
I lost friends and gained angels
I fell like I lost my ends and I can't save you
I'll see you when I get there
Where ever it is; heaven or hell or between it
True life stories I've seen it
I really mean it
More than Cam
I'm spiting this
For Johnny Blacker and Ham
I understand that everyday we lost a life
Its just a matter of time before its you or I
Its me or you. See anybody is blazeable
Society is wrong and ain't saveable
Nowadays I hardly even rave at all
See anything is erasable anything can be taken back
My words they say it all
They say everything I feel
The ink from the pen is spilled till the whole page is filled
See where I live is too real
Pussy, Drugs, cash and others
I got to tell my mother I love her
It's life...

When's it all gonna to change
The youngers are worse than us
Its no game
Blowing up trains and planes to get answers
Most man I know raised with no fathers, It's mad
And Gordon Brown's mind frame
Doesn't have nothing to do with my name
I'm UK but never will I fight for them
When we realize fam, the fight will end

Yeah, I lost girls and gained good friends
Sorry don't cut it when you disagree about life
Different trends, different aims, morals and ambitions;
Paths collide, you go your separate ways and keep wishing
I'm missing everyone that's gone
So I cherish every song
And where I live is me and where I'm from
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It ain't easy
People follow trends and the latest trend is acting greazy, Believe me
I don't wanna burst off shots
But ain't scared to do it
I got access 24/7
We've grow out of beef over with Peckham, Its evolution
Now I'm waring against the death and pollution
Tell me something, what does death solve? Does it give you peace of mind?
I know killers and they've told me about the ghosts that they find
Sleepless, paranoid nights
Are they coming to get me I really don't know

Heart felt emotions taking over
Mentally see everything happens for a reason
And everything was mean't to be its fate
I wish everything was free and everyone has a full plate forget the steaks
Mind camouflage yourself I'm lost into a gamma
Nature touchs me I can't escape
I know I smoke too much weed
Most of it forget profit
See life's logic
Theres knowing who you are before you cop it
Your heart stop tick
Someone draws aims and this time it feels like poppin
Please wait see let me get a few last words
Sorry mom for all the times you were hurt
See you deserve more that franks you know what's it for
And grand take half of my ashes to yard
And take the rest to island and take my heart to the motherland
And bury it with a mango tree
I know you understand
Just leave cony all of my music let him distribute it
Tell minders the albums concluded and give judges soul
The blueprints and wondering why nobody wants me
I think thats it I close my eyes and remsice fam
How do it get like this

After realization kicks in you start to realized
That we are losing more than what we are gaining