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Rich Gang

Hate It

[Hook](Rich Homie Quan)
Hate I fell in love
She know everything about me
Hate I feel in love with that pussy can't go without it
Hate I, Hate I
Hate I...

I know they hate I made so much money this summer
I know they hate, cuz i was broke and watched me come up
Shout out my slime brother, what it do Mondo
I got like 5 bitches, boolin at the Bando
I just wana live
Dont give no fuck about who I kill
Pulled a trigger, had his head on a thousand hundreds
Now I'm riding up in a new car flexing
My baby mama want a little money so I put her in a Lexus
You ain't extorting shit, lil bitch, you know I get the message
Told my grand daddy that I'ma get money while he's resting
In peace
Because I love him
I put no one above him
I do this for my nieces and all my bousins
Niggas claimed to know me but don't know nothing
About those niggas that you came with
She taking advantage of it that's why I


I just wan a live...