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Raised Fist

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Raised Fist

They Can't Keep Us Down

Does it make a difference if we play punk rock,
And unlock the mysteries of hardcore and walk around the block,
In trendy clothes, pretending to be superstars, or younger than we are?
We just want to play drums, bass and guitar.

No make-up, nothing bizarre,
Vocals but no stories from a far.
Still we gather more power in our hands,
Than your collection of one thousand bands
And you know that.

They can't keep us down.
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Still around adding something new to the sound.

Even if we go half speed,
Still delivering songs that people need,
To get through their lives.
So we move between the sharpest knives,
Ready to cut us down,
Try to deprive us all from what we need to survive,
But you know that.

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