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Sun Kil Moon

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Sun Kil Moon

Pancho Villa

Lyricist:Mark Edward Kozelek

Salvador Sanchez arrived and vanished
Only twenty-three with so much speed
Owning the highway

Mexico City bred so many
None quite like him sweet warrior
Pure magic matador

Pancho Villa would never rest
'Til 1925 he closed his eyes
'Til Manila stars would rise

Gozo of the Philippines, choirs and angels sing
Ukulele strings play for his legend
Italy had a king

How have they gone?
Fell by leather
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All alone bound together

Benny kid Paret came a good way
Climbed to the gray sky to raise his hands
Stopped by the better man

Eyes of Los Rios cry for suns
Lost on distant shores, unforeseen horrors
Struck and delivered him

How have they gone?
Fell by leather
All alone bound together

Why have they gone?
Fell by leather
All alone all bound together