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Neighborhood Watch

These are the people in my neighborhood.
In my neighborhood, in my neigh-bor-hood!
These are the people in my neighborhood.
In my neighborhood, in my neigh-bor-hood!
Algorythm what up?

Things ain't what they seem
You don't know who to believe
From the preachers to thieves
You better (Watch out now!)

They wanna get what you got
Wanna be what they not
They don't know when to stop
You better (Watch out now!)

Area's on the rise
Want they slice of the pie
Got they eyes on the prize
You better (Watch out now!)

Say it one mo'gin
Better (Watch out now!)

Watch out for any half ass Muslims or a part-time Christian
Door-to-door Jehovah's Witness on a mission
Watch out for that Carry-Out Cat (whoops) Carry-Out Chicken
Any club wit' a thug's being carried out, listen
Little later couple slugs gon' be hurried out the clip
Watch as the party goers start to scurry out quick
Watch for clean lookin chicks, in a dirty outfit
With a big Adam's apple and some hairy armpits
Better watch for them Rollas and them Scallywags
If you hit it hope you got a bag
For you end up in a body bag
Gas ain't the only rate high around here
Oooh baby I like it raw but shit, not around here (whoa!)
Uh-uh, Uh-uh (no!)
Watch out, watch out (yo!)
Push-on, push-on (go!)
Watch out for the old lady watching from the window of her crib
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Hardly see her out the house but she know everybody biz


While you at it better watch that new face on strip
Saw you walking to that stash spot, you ain't slick
Keep in my mind that the pretty young woman you with
Got some cousins that know about every dollar you get
While you looking, have u seen the ingredients there?
If they fry it, you gon buy it but we need healthcare
Watching all these little boys as they grow up scared
Never of another man but of being a man
But they watching entertainers so they changing their hair
To look like theirs, my neighborhood's identity is no longer there
Done up and gentrified the streets we used to ride
Now that old popeyes is luxury highrises
So who u gon side wit? The natives or intruders
No name on that bullet in the barrel of the shooter
Cameras on the corner watching everybody movements
I hope you watch your neighborhood the way they watching you



(ACE) And the reason they aint watching, they blindfolded
Moving aimlessly, same direction they minds going
(SUB) It's a shame to see them steady fallin' and not knowing
Hit rock bottom and find'em laid out top popped open
(ACEM) Like the heat won't stop smoking, loved ones in dire need of sleep
They just laying on the sheets with their eyes opened
(SUB) Hoping things get better but the problem won't stop growing
Difficult to carry the weight with both of your arms broken
(ACEM) Watch, cause they motives, ulterior, not spoken
the minute you're not focused, they looking your plans over
(SUB) And leaving you ran over & left for dead
Try'na get ahead, on that quest for bread
(ACEM) Then they get it and realize, the things that it won't buy
Life is a whole journey, they concerned with a joyride
(SUB) We watching at all times, from friends to foes
Novice to pros, this is how it goes, you better watch it!