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Warmed Up (feat. Dominion)

I'm warmed up, yo, I'm ready now
If you're warmed up then say 'we're ready' ('We're ready')
I'm warmed up, yo, I'm ready now
If you're warmed up then say 'we're ready' ('We're ready')

[Verse 1: Substantial]
Substantial's the name I was been given
I don't rock microphones for the fame or the women
Like I'm somewhat familiar, yeah they're amazingly different
Bigfoot for life like I was raised in the kitchen
Make moves or making a difference
Took it to higher levels and didn't let them take me to prison
Instead I gave 'em bars, even gave 'em a sentence
Until I fade the stars so they name is admission
If you gave me attention then I gave you the truth
Had you getting down on the floor raising the roof
Either way I let you know that we're in the condominium
Packs on my right, macs left, we are Dominion (What up?)
Who's better? [?]or [?]? (Shut up)
Who's never, dare even mention them
Put your hands up, like you know what the answer is
Make noise if you're a fan of this (Come on)

[Hook: Dominion]

[Verse 2: Dominion]
Yo, I'm warmed up, yo, I'm ready to rock it
Warmed up? Ready? You a hot pocket
Full of shit nobody wants, what's the logic?
You choke if you try to imitate what I spit
Get around the world while you barely got a hot shtick
You jump off your block and even there you're a target
Standing in the corner while we corning the market
Darkness, you can't hold a candle to opt it

[Hook: Substantial]

[Verse 3: Substantial]
Need is less to express the [?]to [?]
Feet is fresh, cooler than [?]pussy
We the stress rappers struggle, that's why they book me
See nothing sweet for you, I'm here to crumble your cookie
Soulless, so Hendrix, flow with no forgiveness
We the co-defendants, niggas that's sho' to witness
Died to be a legend, and living to see the hate
No balance between being overlooked and underrated
I'm allergic to the herp shit, shit just disgusts me
Matador swag, never let the bull touch me
Words remain humble, asks about a lotta shit
Cause premature cause my success did the opposite
Dragon year, single anthem of the dragon king
Dragonning is the place that's beyond imagining
World series champion, let the batter swing
And dudes just look away and you mumbles 'that had to stick'

[Hook: Substantial & Dominion]