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Travis Scott( Jacques Berman Webster II )

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Travis Scott( Jacques Berman Webster II )


(Sounds of chips getting eaten)
'Aight lets do the shit

[Verse 1]
Gon' grab that fifth, grab that eighth
Got what you need, blow that dope, don't get too high
From the Third Coast to the West Coast, come take this ride
Let me tell the tale of how I got turned Scott
Over one lost trip to the sky
Let me tell the tale cause you told the tale
When you said I could make it this high
Who knew? God dammit who knew?
The grass ain't greener on the other side, it's just blue
You can really identify when you lookin' in your eyes
You ready to ride, that's true
When they look in my eyes, they see that roll
How Scotty entired that juice
Had my back against that wall
Every time I felt so cold
My daddy ain't comin' home 'til fall
That's why my pimp game so moist
Had that du-rag and all
Had a 20 year old bitch in high school
Wasn't no tellin' what Travy might do
On the south side of that HOU
Hollup, let's take it back to that room
No car but still had drop
Just a hundred niggas standin' outside
Life's a beach with lot of sand on the lot
I'ma ride for all of my niggas
They forever here by my side
It was just 8 niggas in a two bedroom
No leg room, that was last June, yeah yeah

Yeah yeah forreal
Fuck what they talkin' 'bout if they ain't talkin' 'bout me, nigga
Let it be known, yeah it's that real
Yeah yeah forreal
Fuck what they talkin' 'bout if they ain't talkin' 'bout
We them niggas everybody talkin' 'bout, it's that real
Yeah, forreal

[Hook x2]
Backyard, we chillin'
Backyard, we drinkin', smokin'
Homie brought out the liquor
Backyard, we gettin' high
Backyard, we chillin'
Backyard, we smokin', drinkin'
Backyard, we gettin' high

[Verse 2]
Verses, one day you'll find your purpose
Now my show's packed out like churches
Fans never missin' out a word on the verses
Never sit around, just workin', it was worth it
That [?], I deserve it
Lord knows we don't get tired, did more dirt than a derby
Momma worked for AT&T and we still ain't get that service
She stayed in/out the hospital, you know that made me nervous
Still step out the house to smell so fresh, fresh like detergent
If a bitch don't want me, don't you still got my [?]
And you can keep the [?]
Call Erbie
No house light on, cop light on, fuck this journey
You heard me, you heard me
Now swervin', hittin' [?]
And my nigga, my nigga came home so it just got real

[Refrain]+ [Hook x2]

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