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Sleep Forever

I just want to sleep forever
Never see tomorrow
Or lead or follow
I don't want to work forever
Know what I know
Or beg or borrow

Perchance to dream
'Cause I'm sleepin' in
I got thoughts of greatness
Slowly seeping in
Took my voice from me
Now I can speak again
And I got so many things to say to you
So where do we begin? So listen close
Like the last words of a dying man
My mind is scrambled,
But I'll blame it on the frying pan
I stick this, I promise I am trying pam
Say that I'm the son of it
But fuck it man I am Sam
I'm on a different walk of life
But in the same shoes
Deal with some different green
Still singing the same blues
And people ask me
Will it change you?
It could change the way you see me man
But I'm the same dude
See I ain't gotta plan
Or a path I mean to walk
I'm here to flip a couple beans
And climb the bean stalk
Live like a giant
Grab the game and shake it up
At least that's my dream
And I'm never wakin' up so,


It's just heart man
I know that I'll be needin' that
'Cause I ain't never had a ride
With an E-ZPass
While y'all need to ask
Where am I going?
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But I think most of the fun
Is simply not knowing
See I travel so much
That I need a Winnebago
And you could come try to find me
I'm with Carmen San Diego
See I jump flights over and over
Yes hurdles
A stage shredder, like Ninja Turtles
Call me a dreamer, but just imagine
A whole new world where
You and me could happen
Then I would be Aladdin
And I could call you Jasmine
And we would curse the covers
Like they made by John Madden
I hope you feel good now
'Cause I do
Lookin' at the past
It seems all along I knew
Where this road would take me
You can come along
Baby just don't wake me


I work too hard
To ever take the night off
Say goodnight moon
Tuck it in and turn the light off
There's work to do
And it never ends,
One thing finishes
And then the next begins
See, I never fear the Helta' Skelta'
I rolled some stones over
Hopin' they can give me shelter
And I never know what it all means
So I put the beat to bed
And then whisper sweet dreams

(Chorus x2)

I just want to sleep forever,

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