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Therefore I Am

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Therefore I Am

Big Blue

The day we played I was a mess
I stood like a child tugging on a mother's dress asking why
As your family and all of our friends walked in with awkward heavy heads
All knowing it just hadn't hit yet

And every time I saw the hands, the burning candles and the crosses
Every time I glanced up at the goodbyes
I realized I'd sacrifice the world for it
For one minute more with you

So big blue can you hear me sing?
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Big brother are you listening to me when I say I wish I had one more day?
Do you know each day I see you on the avenue of arts
Next to that single ribbon in a tree right in front of me?

And when I do I know I'd sacrifice the world
For just one minute more with you
Even though I know half of knowing what you want
Is knowing what you have to give to get it
I'd sacrifice the world for it