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The Grouch (rapper)( Corey Scoffern )

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The Grouch (rapper)( Corey Scoffern )

Backseat Drivers

feat. Safari & Scarub
Producer:The Grouch

Any dumb bell can drive a car...
All you need to do is turn the key!

The Grouch:
Backseat drivers always got directions
Dont you got your own car bro?
Listen, this is my mission
Ill turn when I want to stop when I need to
Nope, didn't ask you
Put on your jackets cause im ridin with the a.c
Kill the racket you didn't make me
I hack it independently
And always get there and sit where im sposed to
Right behind the wheel
Because the shit that I go through
And dont feel when I roll with fools?
I dont need that
Feedbacks from fellas who say, 'tell us, are we wack?'
I never asked that I know how to fix a flat
Dont got the biggest jack, but I can _____ ______ ______
Pure confidence not cockiness, common sense
Stop blocking this mirror, to see clearer
Look out the window take down some notes and then go
Get in your pinto and begin slow
Me I already know so who you tellin?
Fool I got a navigation system in my melon
Im _______ ________
Hm, so now your analyzing and exercising the back of my mind
Telling me which way I should go
But I dont know, so how would you know?
Its this inner mind inner twining
That is realigning everything that we do
But what do we do if we get caught up its this type of crew
Is it me or is it you?
If I dont listen to you
Then im just gonna have to listen to myself
Cause the devil and the angel on each side of me
Like a trophy up on a shelf
Great, well maybe I should just keep on driving
Stayin alivin, survivin, vibin on this whole new track

Just because we in the car pool lane
Doesnt grant you access to dive in, dont complain
From the backseat when we ridin in the diamond lane
Cruise control is set im pilotin, so ease your brain
The double lane is only trouble when more than one
Wanna huddle and muddle out the muzzle
And how fast and which way I should steer the shuttle
Man I know chatters like your bladder on a road trip
Your bloated with pissy ideas learn to hold your lips like your water
And that carries over in life like an overpass
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You on the outside lookin through my tinted glass
But actin like your up under the engine
My mechanics a fine tune and my wallet is a one seater
Suspensions sturdy so shut that airbag trap of yours
Strap on your seatbelts, and lock your doors
Let the wind blow in your face some, take some
Time to relax, this is my life
My rights and lefts, so hold your breath
Hold on, hold a book up to your face and learn somethin
Or find yourself stranded on a median hitchikin
Oh my leather seats are comfortable now? alright then...

Maybe I shouldn't think so much
Maybe I should touch the fact
The fact that cracks the back of a chiropract
My spinal is drifting, dripping
I dunno if im lifting high or
Maybe I should grab an amplifier
And yell as high as I can
But hibbidy god damn
Mother fuckers wanna tell me
Who, which way, how, which way to go
But I dunno...

The Grouch:
I had a good thing goin
Somebody told me I wasn't knowin
I switched up now look who im owin
Sidetracked down the backstreet gettin jacked
I shoulda payed the toll because the hook up was in fact, in fact
When I look up I gotta sense of where to go
Im my own natural compass with intense flare and soul
Look past the car in front of me and feel the road out
You tell me slow down da rubber neckin' can _______ the whole route
I hold out, on hearin you out the next time
I read my gauges just fine
So when its crunch time, dont panic and make me nervous
Whats this look like a taxi cab service? I already took flight
And I never tell the pilot how to fly
As long as the rides safe I'm all up in the sky my way
Or hit the highway jack and dont come back

Its a man fishing without a hook
Getting took, not knowing if hes reading a book
Its intelligent, relevant, but not the elephant
Stomping on the unforgettable person
Not rehearsing, just bursting into this flow
Is it a flow? or is it? what is it?
Let me do my thing and you do your thing
And I dont care if you bling bling or sing
Or whatever you do, but let me go I got my own crew
And its in my mind, and thats how you can find my