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The Burning Hell

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The Burning Hell


I was born much too early – surely, surely prematurely.
But I already knew that I wanted more by the time the placenta hit the floor.

And it wasn't too much later, lying inside my incubator
Clenching my tiny newborn fists, trying to slit my little newborn wrists

So I went to see the rabbi. I said 'rabbi, why why why why why?'
He said 'I've read the Torah and I've read the Talmud. You get born, you meet some people & then you die.'

He said 'everybody has a tiny Pope inside their head!
Go forth and multiply – that's all the tiny Pope ever says.'
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Then he said 'cause after all is said and done, from womb to tomb and sperm to worm
There's nothing much else to do, so you've got to do what you've got to do:

Dance, dance, dance, and romance.
You just can't help but dance.
Dance, dance, dance, and romance.
Take off your pants and dance.