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You, Me, And Everyone We Know

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You, Me, And Everyone We Know

Coming Up Short

I had my bags all packed
Left this coat up on the rack
Then snagged a thread on the way to leave
Recalled how it used to look on me
So once more I'm rolling up its sleeves

But I keep coming up short
Like napoleon at war
And though I'm still a little sore
Like a boxer from the floor
I keep coming back for more

The road ahead brings a worn smile
When I look back at the last mile
Break my bones, cut my feet
Shake the ground 'til I quease
Bring on blisters, bugs, disease
There will be no more wasting time for me

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Now that's not to say I'm living perfectly
I've traded boozing for a tooth that's more than sweet
But if I'm glutting my stomach uncomfortably
I guess I'd rather keep my liver fight gum disease
And if the teeth have to go then the teeth will have to go
Cos if I'm dust then life's a good stiff breeze

And like the rings around a tree show
It takes time for one to grow
And even as you branch out
Your roots will trip you as you go

Like the aforementioned tooth decay
There are things I should tend to yesterday
Collecting dust is easy
Marching on gets hard