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Charli XCX( Charlotte Emma Aitchison )


It was quarter to ten at night
And she was feelin' alright
Just been out shoppin' all day
Cause it was the school holidays

And she got back home, sat alone
Flicked on the computer and talked to her friends
And this boy came online
He said he'd missed her
He said he liked her
Even though they weren't best friends
And had been for such a long time

So she started to ask some questions, oh oh oh
Just some random little things, yeah, yeah
Cause she felt that if they were going to click
She'd need to know the details

He said 'my favorite color's light blue, I like Irish ice cream
Whiskey's pretty yummy and I like worn-in jeans
I prefer kissing over hugging and lovin' over tears
I like pizza and Mauritius but I ain't been there in years'

Well, what a lovely, lovely boy
He seemed bright enough
He had a life and a good personality
But not much going on in the bedroom, if you know what I mean
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But I guess it kinda adds to his appeal

This is the guy who said he liked her
And that she reminded him of something
He could see but couldn't quite reach

So she wrote all this down in a book
That she could look at any day
And it would always remind her of his smile
And his funny colored hair

She said 'I like lots of different colors and cookie dough ice cream
Baileys is the best even though it's quite fattenin'
I prefer kissing over hugging and lovin' over tears
I like pizza and I don't think I've been to Mauritius', yeah

Oh, yeah, yeah
Is it good there? Is it good there?
Does it have lots of sun?
Is it good there? Would it be really, really fun?

He said 'I think it would be fun if we went there sometime'
He said 'Let's go'
She said 'Where?'
To Mauritius