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DJ Khaled( Khaled Mohamed Khaled )

Big Boy Talk

Lyricist:Rayshon Cobbs, Jr., Pete Jackson, Khaled Khaled, Jay Jenkins, William Roberts, Andre Lyon, Marcello Valenzano
Composer:Rayshon Cobbs, Jr., Pete Jackson, Khaled Khaled, Jay Jenkins, William Roberts, Andre Lyon, Marcello Valenzano

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DJ Khaled

Still playin' with them Ms
Thinkin' like a felon
Hope Shakir Stewart see me ballin' down from Heaven
See me ballin' down from Heaven
All I know is all these rap niggas
Dry snitching snitchin' and tellin'
That work don't even come like that
The fuck is you sellin?
I gave you niggas a whole lane, a whole lane
That better than me fronting' a nigga the whole thing
And where I'm from they know I'm the truth
Just bein' honest
You niggas better pay all your taxes
Plus some homage

I'm in the white chinchilla
Five hunnid in the back, nigga
Ain't nobody iller
Do it for the streets and the slums
From which I came
Got the same wounds, the same scars
They feel my pain

Love this money-making like Mitch, can't leave the game
The only thing that get us excited, money and 'caine
I don't know about the rest, just a legend in the flesh
And when it comes to this here, I'm the muthafuckin' best

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I can work four pots at a time
Bitch, I'm a robot
The only thing keep crossin' my mind
'I hope the door locked'
Fuck niggas hatin', they fake, they can't relate
Twenty seasons straight, no stain, let's call it fate
Jack boys runnin' your shit, you give, they take
You lead with your grind and your life, you're good, you're great
Paint a picture so vivid it should be in a museum
That's probably why my new house lookin' like a colosseum
I'm borderline brilliant
Other half ignant
That mean I kill a pussy nigga, get away with it
Last time I got a order, nigga got a sleigh with it, snow
(Snow, snow)
(It's the biggest) (Maybach Music)

All-black hoodie, just like I'm Trayvon
I'm around my lil homies until my day's gone
I'ma bond out my whoadies just like I pray for 'em
I'ma take care of they lawyers until the case gone
Half of these niggas singing like Trey Songz
Half of my kilos insured by State Farm
Niggas doin' hits for free, don't even pay for 'em
Twistin' up expensive weed, wait at LA for it
Do it for dollars, not for the decimals
You niggas headline the Fyre festivals
Your go-to jeweler unethical
The shit you smokin' is smellin' skeptical
Uh, much richer than I last was
You can tell by the laugh, cuz
Double-M, the money machines (Maybach Music)
You rock with boss, no one in between, uh

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