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I always had to tell her to relax
And a cat can slip indoors through multitudes of cracks
And it's funny what they'll do cause cracks lead outside too
When I asked her where she's going she said, far away from you

Stuck here on my own now, diggin' down deep
I don't understand it but I ain't losing sleep
I'm not gonna lay down, I'll head north out of town
I don't know but I think I'll go, a track dog mushin' with an Eskimo

In Alaska, Alaska, I think I'll try Alaska, somewhere she might wait for me I'll catch up just wait and see
Idaho, Nebraska I don't know 'I'll aska', Think I'll try I guess I'll try Alaska...

I sold my old piano for the rent
I loaded up on bug spray and I found my daddy's tent
And now I'm in high gear, doin' 45
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Hummin' a tune, I won't see the sun till sometime in July.

I guess I coulda flown or took a train, but you won't see a moose when you're sittin' on a plane.
And now there's no more road, but I got a light load and if she isn't in Alaska I'll stay and pan for gold.

In Alaska, Alaska I think I'll try Alaska somewhere she might wait for me I'll catch up just wait and see...

Idaho, Nebraska, I don't know 'I'll aska' I think I'll try, I guess I'll try Alaska.

Just when I thought I'd end up alone, Big ol' Alaskan mama come walkin' down the road

Alaska, Alaska I'll stay right here in Alaska all settled down and havin fun here in the land of the midnight sun

Is it time to call the Pastor, I don't know 'I'll aska' I'll stay right here, I'll stay right here... I'll say tight here, I'll stay right here...