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Nicki Minaj

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Nicki Minaj


uck x8
Take that with you on the way down
Buck x8
Up up up and away cuz I dont play clown

Tell this bitches that I'm not the one
Some uh dem might get away but I'm poppin one
I'm on the back uh the bike jus cockin guns
German helmet, pumps and Versace stuns
I am the ninja
Bitch name Ginger
Hope somebody got a couple limbs they could lend ya
Cuz I'm the president
Run up in ya resident
Say hello to the *boom* baddest bitch ya eva met
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Buck Buck Buck Buck Buck Buck
When I come thru It get hotter than a soup kitchen
I leave clips in ya head like a beautician
I hit one, you hit one that mean two alive
But if they come back to Queens its a suicide
I got some killas better tell them bitches who am I
In Italy already chillin with the tour guide

Buck x8
Take that with you on the way down
Buck x8
Up up up and away cuz I dont play clown

Straight up
You can take this with you on the way down
Or way up
AS long as my money gets paid up
MY weight up
Dont come into my lane with no lay ups
Get aid up
You see how much space ya boy take up
Usually I'm calm tho
But when it come to long dough
I dont aim for the vest hit you from the face up
When its in the palm tho
Turn into a john doe
I'm pschyo
I think bout this shit when I wake up
I dont wanna starve kids
I want yall to all live
SO I'm gonna retire in a lambo like (?) did
Aww shit
Newsflash dummy
I'm actin juvenile
That new cash money
It's buck buck buck if dude act funny
I already told niggas dont do that to me
I'm blazin to fall
So watch what you say to ya ball
Take It witchu all the way to the mall

Nicki Minaj
Miscellaneous 1
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