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J.Holiday( J Holiday )

Wrong Turn

VERSE 1 I got a devil and an angel on my shoulder
GPS acting up, which house I'm 'bout to go over
Is it mine (with my baby) is it hers (my other lady)
I guess we 'bout to find out, right about now
Now I'm in the whip told my girl I was on the way over
My side chicks' calling me begging me to come over
She said it's been a minute she's feeling neglected
Got both of them at home waiting for me naked.

BRIDGE Could've went to the left but I made that right
Should've went to the left damn I know this shit ain't right
Yeah I know....I know.....Now I know

CHORUS I made the wrong turn, (I knew I shoulda took my ass home) When am I gon' learn (When am I gonna learn)
I made the wrong turn (I knew I shoulda took my ass home) When am I gon' learn (I knew I took the wrong turn)
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VERSE 2 Got a condom on that night stand Goddamn I should've used it. Said she was on a pill and I'm the only one she's fuckin' and I (and I), pulled out (pulled out), so I, I thought I was good. 24 hours with no Plan B (hey hey) 2 weeks later she late and calling me. Slangin' my dick around so carelessly, 9 months later that bay look just like me.

BRIDGE Shoulda went to the left, but I made that right
Didn't go to the left and it changed my life.
I know........I know.........now I know


B SECTION How the hell am I gon' explain this shit to my girl. When I just told her I'm not ready to bring kids into this world. I know she gon' lose it, burn up all my clothes, fuck me up and beat up that hoe. 'Cause she don put up with my shit forever but she ain't 'bout to be disrespected, never. I don' fucked up but it's too late, gotta man up, fucked up and made the wrong...


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